Easy Sugar Hearts Recipe

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Easy Sugar Hearts Recipe

I am in love with these hearts.

Rather I *heart* these hearts. I amuse myself. Sigh

These sugar hearts are super simple and fun to make – kids can help! I also will list the items I used and link for you to snag them to make this treat very easy to make

These hearts are PERFECT for Valentine’s Day – serve them with coffee instead of sugar cubes. HOW Romantic πŸ™‚

Easy Sugar Hearts Recipe

One thing I must tell you is that these hearts are pretty hardy. Once they are set you can handle them with ease – think of them as a sugar cube ( which is basically what they are πŸ˜‰ )

I actually did an Amazon order for this recipe for the mini heart cutter and the gel food coloring ( you can pick these goodies up at Michaels)

Mini Cookie Cutter Set – Includes Heart go HERE

Gel Food Coloring Set ( you can buy just pink at Michaels) go HERE

One funny story from making this recipe:

Once you cut the hearts out of the sugar ( which is rolled out) you are suppose to leave it for 2 – 3 hours to set

BUT I wanted to snap the picture before the natural light was gone so I put the hearts outside since it is around low 40s here in Portland, OR

I checked 20 minutes later and they were ready for their photo πŸ™‚

I had a hard time trying to think how to snap the picture for recipe but my dad helped me πŸ™‚ Here he is trying to figure out the arrangement πŸ™‚

Easy Sugar Hearts Recipe

I really hope you make this recipe – I love when y’all leave feedback on what you thought – simply leave a comment on the recipe

Easy Sugar Hearts Recipe

This is the color I got from using ONLY 1 drop of the gel food dye! I am pretty impressed – though the light in the picture above make them look really pink not too sure what happened there

One last closeup

Easy Sugar Hearts Recipe

Love You Guys!

Easy Sugar Hearts Recipe



  • 2 tsp of water
  • ½ Cup of White Sugar
  • 1 Drop of Pink Gel Food Coloring


  1. In a mixing bowl combine water, sugar, and food coloring
  2. Mix very well - make sure the color is completely even and the sugar mixture has an almost dough like consistency
  3. Roll out the sugar mixture onto parchment paper - the thickness is up to you
  4. Dip your heart cutter into water ( I found this helpful for cutting cleanly ) place the heart onto the parchment - keep cutting till you have as many as you want
  5. Wait 2 - 3 hours and let them firm up
  6. Place in a air tight container if you want to keep them for a while or use right away - makes about 20 hearts
  7. Enjoy !