HUGE Recipe FAIL – Pictures Included

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If you know anything about me – I love cooking and I post recipes I make almost everyday – check them all out HERE ( There are about 800 to choose from )

On Saturday I was cooking with my dad a few recipes  – each week we are making a recipe from this vintage recipe box I found filled with recipe from a woman named Marie ( find out more HERE )

We decided to tackle her Cracker Jack recipe


I have never made Cracker Jack before — and the recipe was enough to feed a small army so tried to bring the proportions down…

Somewhere my math skills went wonky and you can see in the picture above that

It is ONE HOT mess – I had WAY too much molasses ( which was suppose to be mixed  with honey in a hot pan ) that worked fine till it was poured on the popcorn – BEYOND a sticky mess

My dad also got burned with BOILING MOLASSES HONEY — which I still feel awful about

but we did not quit even when the popcorn turned out like this


We started again — and again the popcorn did not work out – at this point I want to crawl in a little ball and cry

But my dad did not let me quit — seriously we made the HUGEST mess EVER — we even got molasses on the kitchen floor and somehow my parent’s dog Buttons got this horrible Cracker Jack on her fur

Never in my life have I had such a colossal fail in the kitchen and such a mess – it was almost funny

BUT FINALLY the third time around WE GOT IT!!!! I will posting the Cracker Jack Recipe tomorrow at 1 pm PST ( 3/25)  I really hope you check out the recipe tomorrow – I know I say that a lot for y’all to check out our recipes but if you only check one out please let it be the one tomorrow


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  • Michelle H

    I have had serious fails like that before…Rachel Ray’s Pumpkin pasta…My husband was like “honey, I love you but please do not do that to me again.” I make everything from scratch and some things I just fail. I do it over and over again until I get it right (finally have the perfect sugar cookie recipe because of this!). Eeek I have burnt myself making caramel popcorn before and OMG that burns like nothing else. I am sure he forgives you and thank you for being honest ^.^

  • Judy C.

    I admire the fact that you didn’t give up! I’m like you.. I loooove to cook and try new recipes AND I take it personally when a recipe doesn’t “work out”. I probly would have thrown everything, including the pan in the garbage out of aggravation!!! lol

  • Kelly Galpin

    This is funny, I can’t imagine I will try the recipe if BSD herself failed a few times, but I’ll read it! 🙂 lol

  • Kristen S

    Oh dear, what a day. So sorry you had a recipe fail and to hear about the burn. It’s good you didn’t give up even though everything was going wrong. And I think it’s good you post you have fails too, even a very experienced person who cooks often. It shows me, the very novice NOVICE one with cooking, that no one is perfect. Honestly, if it started going bad for me like that I would have given up. Would have upset me and easily discouraged especially when cooking alone. Good for you for at least still trying even when things went wrong.

  • Amy Ward

    You are very patient to try again. I usually get very frustrated and vow to never make that recipe again. This is a good lesson for all of us.

    On another note, this post is perfectly timed. I am actually a math person and I am creating a worksheet activity for culinary arts majors helping them practice recipe doubling, halving, etc. Hopefully it will help them at some point in their careers 🙂

  • Melissa

    Sounds like the third time’s the charm. I made a salmon pie for dinner when my husband and I were newly married that still makes hi, shudder. 😉

  • MsKat

    I’m sorry you had such an ordeal, and I am glad you finally got it right. I hope that some time in the future you will be able to read your post and laugh! I have to admit that although I felt bad for the whole process, when I got to the part about Buttons with crackerjack somehow in his fur, it really made me laugh! I hope it wasn’t difficult to get it out. I’m sure Buttons tried to help. Looking forward to the actual recipe post!