Premiere of Mistresses Season 2 TONIGHT #Mistresses #ABCTVEvent

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Last month I was invited to Los Angeles by Disney to experience different shows ( like Mistresses) with 24 other lovely bloggers

We were able to see a few episodes from Mistresses — and it really is entertaining ( this is coming from a girl who has not seen a soap opera in my life – I tend to stick to comedy or food shows)

You will not want to miss the second season of ABC’s Mistresses — even if you have never watched the first season the storylines are pretty easy to understand

When to Tune in – the Mistresses Season 2 premiere is TONIGHT at 10 ET/9 Central

mistresses 2

I do really like that this storylines is not so much about having affairs BUT about the friendships between 4 woman who are just trying to figure out life

We had a opportunity to meet some of the wonderful talent from Mistresses

1)  Jes Macallan who plays Josslyn Carver on the show. She was extremely down to earth and seemed excited to meet us. She was excited that we had seen the season two premiere

2)  Justin Hartley – He is new to the cast this season – he is the love interest for Jes Macallan ( Josslyn Carver) – he was super nice and very comfortable with his new role

3)  Jason George who plays  Dominic Taylor  – he was kind enough to give us a tour of the studio – he was very down to earth and was very sweet to talk to — I am excited to see how his character evolves this season.

 Remember to join us on Twitter to chat use the hashtag #Mistresses – hope to see you there 🙂

Disclaimer – Disney paid for the trip but all the thoughts and opinions are my own