Losing My Grandfather.

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So I am not going to lie to you – this has been a hard year

In Nov 2013 I lost my grandfather ( My mom’s dad)  – He was the one who taught me the power of saving and always supported me in everything I tried to do — and from who I inherited my blue eyes

It is because of this support that I dedicated my first book to him

I try and keep this site upbeat so I do not mention the lows in my life — and this was a very big low….. But there is something you can do to help

I really want to help my mom through this hard time ( especially since the 1st anniversary of his passing is next month)

I would love to surprise her with a trip to New York City next month ( one of her favorite cities) – it would help her spirits and her keep her mind occupied during these hard times

It just so happens I got the news today I am a semi-finalist in Truvia Baking Star!

If I win this round I will be going to the bake off in New York City Next Month ( PLUS I can bring a guest —- I want to bring my mom of course!!!!)

This is where I need your help

You can vote for my cupcake recipe once PER day – till the 29th

1) Go HERE

2) Enter Your Email and Click Enter – You Will Have To Register ( Most Likely ) Takes 1 Minute

3) Click Vote

4) Find My Brown Sugar Cupcake with Brown Sugar Icing Recipe and Click Vote!

I am crossing my fingers and toes that I can surprise my mom with this trip — plus it would be amazing to bake on a competitive level ( those that scares the heck out of me)

I love you guys and I would be no where without you

Thank You — HUGS!