DIY Catnip Cat Toy

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For a while I have been wanting to make Watson a catnip toy. Like most cats Watson loves catnip. I was able to buy some locally grown catnip and decided to make a cat toy out of it. The final cost was about $.40 to make this toy ( maybe even less) and he has been playing with it more than any other toy ( many of them that cost $10).

With what kind of cat toys do your cats play? Watson is all about anything with catnip and his Miss Piggy doll đŸ™‚

I also was able to make this in under 10 minutes while watching tv

Here is Watson watching ( managing my work )

Cat Toy 2

I really hope you try this craft – if you do try the craft please make sure to comment and let me know how it went.

This is what I used

Cat Toy

I bought some fleece material from a local store – it was a scrap piece. Scissors, catnip, hot glue gun and a fish shape cutout.

Using the cutout – cut 2 similar shapes out of fleece. I suggest using better scissors for this – I was trying to use some I bought at the Dollar Tree and I was having some problems cutting the shapes well.

Cat Toy 3

Fill the middle with catnip. Make sure to leave the edges catnip free since you will be gluing the edges.

Cat Toy 4

Using the hot glue gun glue the two sides together. I let the toy sit for about 10 minutes before giving it to Watson. He has been loving to play with it.

What other shapes would you make. I did a fish because it was easy.

Would you like to see make cat toy crafts? I thought it would be fun to try and I am really excited to make more for Christmas for Watson since it is so inexpensive and easy. I just need to use my better scissors.

Cat Toy 5