Simple Ways to Save Money Online vs. In-store!

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Easy Ways To Save Money Online vs. In-Store

Everyone loves to save money. Whether you coupon, use apps, store cards, or any other way you can save, free money and cash back is always a bonus! Check out some of these sites and ways of saving that you can utilize every day.


This site allows you to sign up and quite literally, pays you to shop. Brands and items that you are in need of that you would normally go to the store for, or would order from another site, are available on ebates and they give you cash back for the things that you order. One thing that many people dislike about ebates is that you have to wait to cash in your savings, however you will find this is the case with many cash back sites and if you shop online frequently, this won’t be an issue for you. SIGN UP HERE >>


There are SO many reasons that you should be utilizing amazon! If you are a Prime member (which is worth the cost! It pays for itself with just a few orders!) you can take advantage of the free shipping on most items that Amazon offers, and if you are a frequent online shopper, you know that they offer many products. Amazon also offers benefits just for families, ordering diapers, subscribe and save offers for products that you need frequently, and they have a variety of other ways to save as well. SEE ALL THE DEALS >>


If you are wanting to order larger items, or want to pick everything up all at once instead of waiting for the mail, many stores offer shipping for free if you have it shipped to the store. If you buy a large item, shipping can get pricey. If you can haul it home yourself, ship to store for free is a great option! If you are already headed to a store two days from now, and don’t want to wait for something to ship to you, it often can ship to the store even faster for free.


Most stores have some sort of cash back or a points rewards system. Signing up for the store rewards card is free and often unlocks more savings for you as well as points that can be used for other things and purchases. Walmart is a good example of a store that has their own app, you can take a photo of your receipt within the app, and it will price match everything in your area to find you savings. If things are cheaper elsewhere they will reimburse you in the app and you can then use that money for other purchases.


Apps like Shopkick, Ibotta, and Checkout 51 let you save money while shopping. Purchasing certain items, walking into stores, and taking photos of certain items can actually earn you points which later are turned into prizes that you can purchase such as gift cards. Free money just for doing what you already do!

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See how easy it is to save money? What are YOUR favorite money-saving tips? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear about it!