How To Save Money On Diapers

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This is a guest post – Guest Writer Michelle

When you have a big family like I do, saving money becomes a priority pretty quickly. With bills to pay and grocery bills that seem to grow with each trip to the grocery store, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed with the state of your finances. Trust me, I know. I went from paying bills and living as single gal to supporting a family seemingly overnight; it’s been a crazy few years of adjustment. Of course, I like to think that I’m doing a little better now that I used to in those early days of trying to budget everything.

Out of everything that gets bought and brought into our home on a regular basis, there is one thing that frustrates me to no end. Diapers have always had a knack for driving me up the wall with frustration. I have never been able to understand why it is that such small, seemingly cheap made products can cost so darn much. When you have several kids in diapers at once, trying to keep up with the cost of diapers per box every week is just madness and I know a lot of mama’s out there can relate to my woes.

It wasn’t until I started using my thinking cap and started researching ways to cut down on the cost of diapers that my frustration began to wane. I would love to share some of my findings with my readers so that they might skip some of the frustration I dealt with and can start saving on diaper costs asap.

  1. Grab a copy of the Sunday paper. There’s always a bundle of great coupons hiding inside this wealth of information and diaper/wipes coupons are always found inside. The savings might not be much but in places where you can stack coupons, the few you’ll find in the paper can mean big savings on your next diaper purchase.
  2. Use store brands. For a long time I shied away from store brand diapers myself thinking that they were less trustworthy than my favorite name brands but after trying them in a pinch I realized that my fears were unfounded. They work just as well and can save you a bunch on diaper costs.
  3. Switch to cloth. I know this might sound scary to some parents out there but really, cloth diapering is awesome. We tried cloth for awhile and loved them. Not only are the diaper covers available in a variety of different colors and themes but when you switch to cloth you can use them over and over again after each wash which means you’ll never have to buy diapers again. Now, the cost for a cloth diaper stash can cost a pretty penny initially but after that, no more having to buy diapers. Ever.
  4. Sign up for Amazon Family. With this membership, subscribers can save up to 20% on diapers with their Subscribe and Save option. In addition to those savings they also have an additional $1 to $3 e-coupon that goes out periodically. Plus, big bonus here, shipping is always FREE!
  5. Watch the sales. This is important with everything on your grocery list but especially so when it comes to your next diaper run. Whether you’re looking at your local grocery store or want an excuse to check out a new retailer, someone, somewhere, will have a sale on diapers each week. Use this to your advantage! And, if you’re shopping online, be sure to go through to get cash back for shopping!
Whether you’re diaper one, several or looking to do a DIY diaper cake for an upcoming shower, it’s never too early to start thinking about saving money on diapers for whatever occasion you may need them for. As always, I hope my research and tips have helped at least one person cut the cost of diapers in their household. I know these tips certainly helped me!