Save $1000 in JUST 26 Weeks

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Mother and daughter putting coins into piggy bank

Just in time to start saving for holiday shopping, be sure to check out this simple way to start saving today, and in 26 weeks have an extra $1000 for your holiday spending!

If you are like many, it’s hard to think ahead to what you will need for holiday shopping. But with this simple to follow 26 week plan, it’s so easy.

Once a week just put a small dollar amount away somewhere, and you will see how quickly you get to $1000. You can stick it in a jar that sits out so you are reminded of your savings goal. Or put it in an envelope and stick it away.

This is a great way to save for things other than holiday shopping. Maybe you are planning a vacation soon. Or you are saving for a down payment for a car. This is a great way to save up to pay cash for a new appliance that you need instead of using a credit card.

The chart below shows you what amount to put away each week. If you prefer, start with the bigger numbers and work your way down. It will get easier each week!

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If you start this 26 week plan in June, you will have $1001 saved by December, but if you are like me and like to start shopping early, now if a great time to get started. Or you can put the money away each week but if you see a great deal on something you wanted to get for someone for Christmas, you can always take the money out early. As long as it goes towards whatever goal you had in place for the money.

Each week you only put away between $26 and $51. You will hardly miss that much each week so it will be so easy to stick this little amount away each week. Many people spend around $30 each week on just coffee or eating out.

Grab the printable below and start saving today!

26 Week Savings Plan