Garage Sale Tricks to Get the Best Bargain

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Image of clothes on hangers at a garage sale

Garage sales are a great place to find some awesome bargains on just about anything. A great garage sale bargain shopper is diligent and knows exactly what they are looking for. Below are some tips to ensure you can find what you are looking for and get it at a great price.

Timing is Everything

One great way to be sure you are getting what you want from a garage sale is to go on the first day as early as possible. The best items go quickly and you could miss them. Of course some really good deals could be found in the last hours of a sale as well when the owners just want it gone or will donate it.

Be sure to Bargain

Most people who hold garage sales are not experienced in setting prices on used items. If they mark the price at one thing, don’t be scared to ask for a lower price. Most sellers are just wanting to get rid of stuff so will take less than they suggested and may have even marked prices assuming someone would bargain with them.

Offer less for More

One great way to get more for less is to offer a lower price to take an entire group of something. Make an offer on an entire box of books or an entire set of kitchen tools. If you don’t need them all you can maybe sell some of them later or give them to friends or family who do need them.

Keep a List

Before heading out to the sales, make a list of all of the things you are looking for. This way you can glance at it before arriving at each sale so you have fresh in your mind what you want and you won’t get distracted by all of the other great deals.

Think Ahead

If you are shopping for kids clothes, be sure to watch for great deals on sizes they will use later. Don’t just look at their current size. This works with other things like kid’s toys, sporting equipment, books and more. Think ahead to what your household will need down the road.

Garage sale shopping can be fun and of course is a great place to pick up things you need for a bargain. Grab a friend and make a morning of it!