A More Effective To-Do List

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To do list with a pen and cup of fresh coffee on wood background in morning

I’m not sure I could get though my day without a to -do list. The ability to check things off when I’m done keeps me going to get more done each day. Here are some tips to make your to-do list work even harder for you.

Break Down the Larger Tasks

If you have a large task you are trying to tackle, once you set a deadline for it work backwards and give yourself smaller milestones to accomplish each day as you work your way up to the big one. For example, if you decide you are going to have a garage sale next week, put tasks like putting an ad in the paper on one day, sorting through the kids toys on one day, and so on. It will make the overall task seem a little more manageable.

Reward Yourself

Rewards are not just for the kids. If you need a little reward motivation to keep you going each day, then do it. Whether it is picking up a coffee as you do your grocery shopping, or taking a 20 minute nap after washing the bathroom, use those motivators to keep you checking things off your list.

Consider Your Feelings

Don’t discount your emotions when trying to prioritize your to do list. How you feel about something, or how you will feel when something is accomplished can be a strong motivator. Will you feel calmer if you finally get the pantry organized? Will you feel accomplished if you tackle the task of organizing the family vacation photos?

Must Do Tasks

Don’t forget to highlight the tasks on your to-do list that are must do tasks. These tasks cannot push until tomorrow and need attention today. Without keeping these in plain sight it can be easy to get wrapped up in some of the other tasks and let that one slip by.

Who else uses a daily to-do list to keep yourself on task each day?