Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Summer Spending

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Summer women's accessories: yellow step-ins, denim shorts, camera, sunglasses on wood background.

Summer can be tons of fun. Many of us take vacations and spend time at the beach, lake or pool. Don’t be pulled into the unnecessary spending that tends to go along with summer time. Here are some tips to avoid it.

Summer Activities

Finding some fun summer activities to keep yourself, or the kids busy during the summer can get expensive. Whether it is summer camps for the kids or golf outings for the adults, it’s easy to spend a lot more than you planned when you start looking for fun things to do. Take time to find some fun but less expensive ways to entertain your family this summer. If you look hard enough you will find there are many activities you and the kids will enjoy without spending a fortune.


A big chunk of money could be spent each year on a summer vacation for the family. Try to look for closer to home vacation options this year to help put a little money back in your bank account.

Summer Toys

It’s easy to want to purchase some big new summer toys each year. A new boat, jetski or camper would be fun to have. But is it worth the added loan payment? Be sure to weigh out the added year round expense to own these items against the short time you get to use them each year.

Well Manicured Lawn

Many people go overboard each summer trying to make their lawn look extra lush and green. Buying chemicals to spray and equipment to keep it looking nice and neat. Scale down a bit this year and just shoot for keeping it looking presentable. You will find you are just as happy with some extra money then you would be with the extra green lawn.

Air Conditioning

If you live where it gets hot, which is really everywhere these days, you will be tempted to run your air conditioning all the time to keep you house nice and cool. Try to find other solutions like opening windows in the evening to let the cooler breeze in and shutting windows and blinds during the hotter hours of the day.

Don’t forget to have fun this summer, but try to avoid some of the summer spending traps and save some of your hard earned money this year.