How to Discover the Best Summer Camp in Switzerland

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Summer camps are quite popular in Switzerland. However, finding one that fits your child’s needs is not easy. Knowing the options available is a good way of discovering the best international summer camps. We’ll discuss some of them shortly. Some of the most favourable camps are located along the panoramic Alps, breathtaking lakes, and in proximity to popular cities. 

Whether you’re looking for an adventure camp, outdoor activities, or language lessons, these facilities offer the best Switzerland summer programs for high school students. This country allows campers to connect with nature while marvelling at the great outdoors. 

Campers of different ages can engage in fun activities like trail running, cycling, rock climbing, canyoning, or skiing when attending winter camps. Are you considering sending your child camping this summer? Here is how to discover the best summer camp in Switzerland.

Spell Out Your Expectations

Before choosing an international summer camp Switzerland, It’s important to lay down your expectations. What will the child will achieve from the camp experience? For example, do you want them to overcome their antisocial behaviour? 

Meeting and interacting with their peers from different backgrounds can do wonders. If this is case, find a camp facility that offers activities the kids hold close to their hearts. A camp with a fun academic-oriented program can help kids develop critical thinking skills.

Activities the Camp Offers

What type of activities do you want your child to explore? Switzerland has a wide range of activities for campers. Suppose the child loves swimming or wants to learn the activity. A camp near rivers, lakes, or the Swiss Alps would be ideal. 

Suppose your kid is ready to learn to bike. There are numerous trails along the lakes and mountains, great for cycling fanatics of different ages. Climbing is a must-do event for campers when visiting Switzerland. Some camps in the country offer outdoor and indoor climbing activities for kids. Further, many camps in Switzerland come with a tennis court where campers can play for as long as they want.

Do you want Virtual, Overnight, or Day Camps?

The answer to this question will depend on your child’s age and willingness to enrol on a summer camp in Switzerland. Virtual camps became popular with the onset of the pandemic. Here, children don’t attend the camps in person. 

Instead, they happen online. On the other hand, day camps are facilities where children spend the entire day at camp and return home in the evening. Also known as overnight camps, this is a program where children attending sleepaway camps spend a week or two away from their families.

Understand Your Budget

Summer camp prices vary. However, with the many camp options available, you can be assured of finding one that fits your budget. Parents should view camping as a vital investment. Children can benefit from attending summer school and camps. For example, they’ll meet and make new friends. Moreover, they’ll engage in activities that boost their self-confidence, learn leadership skills, and acquire independence. Contact the summer camp facility and negotiate the price.

Some of the best summer camps in Switzerland 2023 include:

Les Elfes Summer Camp

Les Elfes International is a summer camp located in Verbier, in the Swiss Alps. It provides winter and summer camps for children between six and 17 years. Campers from around the world can visit throughout the year. The camp offers different activities, like language courses, robot and drone development, horseback riding, and biking. See more about the camp.

International Summer Camp Montana Switzerland

This privately-owned camp hosts boys and girls aged eight to 17 years old. Campers visiting this facility can choose fun and unique activities and sports at the camp.

Brillantmont International School Summer Class

Campers enjoy learning in state-of-the-art classrooms. They also sleep in cozy boarding rooms. In the afternoon, kids participate in tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

Institut Montana Summer Sessions

Is your child passionate about languages, or do they want to learn a new language? The Institut Montana Summer should be your go-to option. Campers will learn intensive English or German classes here. This will boost their expertise in foreign languages. Kids also engage in sports such as soccer, beach volleyball, golf, and badminton. Further, they will also learn about business and leadership and participate in science and technology projects. You can choose the day or boarding summer school option for your child.

Champittet Summer Leadership Camp

Collège Champittet is an esteemed private school that was established in 1903. It can host up to 80 students in its boarding facility. College Champittet nurtures leadership skills campers can use beyond the camp period. Experienced and qualified trainers are ready to help children navigate games, challenges, and workshops in a safe environment.

La Garenne Summer Camp

This facility lies in the Villars-Sur-Ollon ski resort. The morning session is slated for French and English language classes. Campers learn in groups according to their skill level. Campers engage in cultural activities in the evenings.

Lyceum Alpinum Camp

This is one of the best camps in Switzerland, located above Lake Geneva. Numerous exciting activities are available for campers. Students learn languages in the mornings. The afternoons pave the way for a sports or acting program. Junior camp is available every weekday.

Village Camps – Leysin, Switzerland

Village Camps Switzerland attracts campers from different countries. Children attending this summer camp are bound to make global connections. This facility offers fun activities, Swiss leadership training, arts, sciences, sports, and languages.

Surval Summer Camp

This camping facility is where the sky meets the mountains. Campers between 10 and 16 years can visit the facility. Activities in this camping facility include banana boating, rafting, and wakeboarding.

Collège du Léman’s Summer Camp

Unlike other camps in Switzerland, this camping facility allows campers to design their favourite program. Camp guides provide the children with a sample of morning and afternoon activities to ease the process. These activities include:

  • The champion league and Olympic summer programmes, which features multiple sporting activities
  • Technology and science, which includes robotics
  • Business where campers learn communication and acquire leadership skills. They also learn and become conversant with international activities.
  • The genius program that includes intensive foreign language classes, including English and French
  • Arts where children participate in painting and art and craft activities


Parents want the best summer camp experience for their children. Researching and seeking recommendations are excellent ways of finding a facility that meets your child’s needs while giving you peace of mind. If you’re looking for a reputable summer camp, the above list should give you a head start. Consider the tips above to ease your search.