I Am Ready With Fall in These Budget Savvy Boots

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I just got my latest shipment from JustFab and I am so excited about the women’s boots I got.  I have mentioned before what a great deal JustFab.com is and I have been so impressed with the great customer service and the styles they send.


JustFab is a personalized style site that ships clothes to your door monthly.  What makes them so awesome is that all of their styles are designed in house at their Los Angeles headquarters.  I love the convenience and the confidence of knowing my VIP membership ensures that I will receive great new styles automatically every month unless I don’t want them anymore.  I have been a fan of the experience ever since I completed the fun tutorial that helps to narrow down my personal sense of style, so Just Fab knows just what to send.  I am so happy about the accessibility of women’s fashion that JustFab facilitates and the way that their service and designs make me feel, that I just had to write this JustFab review of the things I love about JustFab.


Love the Selection

When I signed up, I completed a fun quiz to narrow down my personal style.  After that, I got a wide array of options to choose from and everything was super cute.  It’s like having a personal assistant work for you.  I go crazy about shoes so JustFab is the perfect site for me, because I can choose any shoes I want and have them shipped to my door.  I recently picked these boots which I love.  They are totally comfortable and I love to wear them around town.  It’s great to know that with a click of a button I can have my own personal boutique stocked just for me.  It makes me feel like a VIP.

I Love the Value

I would never do this if it was as pricey as I expected it to be, when I knew the service and the product were of such high quality.  To be a VIP member is only $39.95 per month and if you don’t want to use the service for a month, you can skip it and not be charged.  If you already shop for clothes at least once a month, then this program will have tremendous value for you.  The quality is very high.  My boots are a perfect fit and very solid.  They will definitely withstand the Portland rain.  All of the designs are made in house and shipped directly to you, so there is no need for all the overhead you normally pay the price for when you shop in stores.  Right now there is a Two for One offer, so you can get two styles when you sign up for $39.95.

I Love the Convenience

It’s fun and fast shopping with JustFab.  I can order so easily with just a couple of clicks.  Once my order is placed I receive it at home within a week.  It’s so easy to use the site and determine whether I want to be charged for the month.  If I forget to skip, my usual payment becomes a credit that I can redeem anytime.  Right now you can get your first style for under $20.


I Love their Commitment

JustFab is a one stop shop for clothing, jewelry, shoes and bags in different styles for all women and they care about what their members have to say. Also, you can now chat with the member services team via your mobile device and have access to member services 24/7.

With ease of use, low prices, a wide selection based on my personal style, and a great member services team at my disposal 24/7.  Just Fab is my favorite way to shop.  They even have a sale section and you van even earn rewards while you shop.  See for yourself by taking the quiz and start looking more fabulous for less.  When you shop for clothing and accessories, what is the deciding factor in where you choose to shop?  Is it style, price, customer service, or something else?  Let me know in the comments.

Sign Up For VIP & Get Your First Style For $10!