Knickerbocker Glory: A Chef’s Guide to Innovation in the Kitchen

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I love giving cookbooks as holiday gifts, and here is a fun one that would make a great gift for anyone on your shopping list this year!

Chef Matthew Robinson, who runs the popular food blog The Culinary Exchange. He has a fantastic cookbook that teaches you how to be more creative in the kitchen called: Knickerbocker Glory: A Chef’s Guide to Innovation in the Kitchen.

Life is filled with wow moments; those moments when we see something new that really impresses us and gets our attention. These wow moments make our personal lives better and more interesting. The businesses that create these wow moments, or innovations, are typically more successful. But, what is the key to creating these innovations? How are innovations born? How can simple connections between various things be made so that something new is created? Are there steps to creating new innovations and wow moments? The answers to these questions are in this book.

This post is part of the Budget Savvy Diva Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – make sure to check it out! Disclaimer – This product was provided for free so I could get some great photos and add it to this list. Nothing is posted that I have not checked out myself. Everything on this list is something I would buy myself.