BIG News Giveaway

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I have some pretty BIG news and I wanted a FUN way to get you excited about it and I thought a giveaway would be a perfect way to do that. But I wanted the giveaway to be fun as well – get ready to win an Amazon Gift Card.

This giveaway is a little different – because you are guessing what the BIG NEWS is – I decided there is going to be UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF ENTRIES. Meaning you can enter one time or 1000 times – the more you enter the better chances you have.

Prizes – $25 Amazon Gift Cards – For EVERY 400 comments on this post 4 more $25 Amazon Gift Cards will be added – no limit. Example: If there is 1600 comment on this post there will be 16 Amazon Gift Cards Given Away.

How To Enter

  1. Comment on this post what you think the big news is – one guess per post. ONLY correct answers will be in the running to win – the big news is not super crazy so you will most likely guess it after a few 🙂
  2. If you want to comment again – refresh the page to comment again ( if you keep commenting with refreshing the comments are sent to spam – so make sure refresh)
  3. Have Fun – comment as few or as many as you want. Remember the more guesses = more gift cards up for grabs.

Please note – it will take a little bit for each comment to post – as much as a few hours. Do not worry it is just me going through them to note the ones with the correct answer.

Winners will be announced on the BIG NEWS Post – posting on Jan 21st at 4 pm PST/ 7 pm EST. I am so excited to share this news with you 🙂