We Have A Problem

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I walked into the nursery today to find this. LOOK at that face – I have been giving Watson extra cuddles but I think he knows he will not be the baby for that much longer. I am going to have to start using tin foil to detract him from getting into the cribs.


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  • Rosemarie Mancini

    When I put the Crib up for my First Child too, my Cat (Honey), was my Baby, she was 4 years old, as well did the same thing. I was worried as well. What I did was keep the Baby’s Bedroom door closed all the time. When the Baby was born and I put him in his Crib and watched for the Cat, My Kitty Honey never went in the Crib with the baby at all, but to my surprise I found her sleeping underneath the Crib, like she was protecting the Baby, it was the sweetest thing. Honey never went back inside the Crib, even when the Baby was up, and only would go under the Crib to lay, and sleep when the Baby was in it. It was her way of saying she was protecting the Baby. Was the sweetest thing.

  • Debby

    Close the door to the nursery for now. Once the babies come, then he won’t think you put the crib in there for him.

  • Jeanett

    I think once the babies are here he will become disinterested. My daughters had cats and had to listen to old wives tales about cats and babies but the cat and babies were fine.