Twin Name Drama

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Many readers have asked about Baby Names for the twins. Short answer — we have NO IDEA. Basically we cannot agree to names — and time is running out!

I am wanting more classical names like Emma or Peter while Eric wants more — interesting names like Thor and Magenta.

Please help with some suggestions 🙂


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  • Carol

    Look at names that where popular 50 to 100 years ago. Their great name, easy to say and spell, plus there won’t be 4 other kids in your kids class! I pick Jackie and Joey.

  • Christina

    We have Douglas Leroy (named after his Dad and Grandpa), Sienna Loucille, Athemia Valkyrie, Keturah Jubilee, Fiona Kata-Brie and Rhyker Centurion with twin boys on the way who we’re pretty set on Jack Emerson and Arrow Silas 🙂 Good luck! Names can be hard!!!

  • Deb Marnell

    It’s always tough to pick a name that is a lifetime choice. I named our daughter Angel Michelle after a song that hubby always played and called me his “Special Angel”! Our son he named and wouldnt budge on because he wanted Frank John, 111 to continue on from his and his fathers name. (I wanted Anthony, so badly but I let him have the honor! So maybe split the decision. You pick baby girl and he do baby boy?? And maybe he pick middle name for girl and you pick middle name for baby boy?? This way you are both involved in the naming process. Good luck!

  • Nancy Barlass

    Sounds like mommy wants English classic names and daddy wants Greek classic. Try flipping a coin and each choosing the given name of one child and the middle name (or names) of the OTHER child. So Sara Magenta and Thor Edward (sorry–Thor Peter sounds funny). We spent about a month in the choosing process and had a notebook full of lists of what I like and what I can’t live with names from each of us. First child got the girl name and second child the boy name because we were only blessed with one at a time. You are out of time when the registrar comes in and tells you that the baby’s names must appear on the discharge papers. Get out a notebook and 2 glasses of something healthy to drink and have some FUN making up names. My 4th kid almost got the name Ebenezer. He was born in December. Imagine how flexible daddy was for Daniel or David when I kept bringing up Ebenezer!! We could call him Ebb (like the tide) or Neezy (like Sneezy–Snow White dwarf) Kept thing light hearted. And there is always Thing One and Thing Two….

  • Connie Sturtz

    Stop and think what they may or may not be teased with. Kids have enough to deal with without being teased about their name. It is not fun being a name also that three or more kids have in your class also.

  • Sonya Burson

    Even though my kids have common names Anthony Michael, and Adriana Michele I like the older classic names like Elizabeth, Grace, Sarah, Grant, William, Samuel

  • T. Ann

    Go Classic. The last thing kids need is something else they could be teased about. And make it easy to spell, I have a first name that I always have to spell and pronounce for people and it’s a hassle. Sit down together with baby name books and make a list of several names you both like so when you meet your twins you’ll be ready. Personally I love Elizabeth, Elle, Natalie, Grace, Jack, Gabriel, Benjamin, Elliott, Cole… Can’t wait to find out what you decide.

  • Janice

    We went with more classic names. I grew up as a Janice and couldn’t do something like that to my kids. My hubby is Johnathan and he wanted something traditional too. We have Hannah Lynne (Lynne was my mom’s and also my sister’s middle name), Emily Marie (Marie is my middle name), and Nathaniel Dale (Dale is my hubby’s, his dad’s, and his grandpa’s middle name). People have said things like “there’s so many (insert kid’s name here) why choose that?” And I still feel it was the best choice for us. In my oldest’s kindergarten class she is the only Hannah. She has classmates with the newer type of names.