How Watson is Doing

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This photo means so much. It is the first moment of Watson meeting the twins – for about a week Watson had just Gwendolyn to deal with and in a moment their were two — I swear you can see him think — ” WAIT WHY ARE THERE TWO NOW.”

Eric and I knew that the twins would be a huge shock to Watson who is our first baby. So I wanted to be proactive – I noticed there was a small closet under the stairs so I decided to make that into Watson’s room. His room has a door that he can open and little one’s cannot. He has had months to get use to the room – we make it a point to never go into the room ( that is his spot ) and I think this has really helped.

Also we made it a point not to change anything in his schedule. Food time is still the same time on the dot same with play time.

He actually spends most of his time about 2 – 3 feet away from the babies. He is aware of them and loves to smell their heads. He helps at nighttime feedings by sleeping on my feet 🙂