Why I Have Not Been Posting Photos Of Watson

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I have been receiving more and more comments asking where Watson is… Watson is still here ( of course) and the reason why I have not been posting more photos is because……… I suck. Well there is a little more to it –  the truth is I love Watson but the transition from him being the only child has been tough. He is in his room a lot. We built him his own room under the stairs and this is where he likes to hang out. I made it a point that his room is his – no one goes into his room ( plus there is not a lot of standing room anyways) because I wanted him to feel like he has a space. So the photo opportunities have gone down.

Also he does not seem to like to be around the twins – this photo above is really the closest I can get. I am with the babies most of my day so Watson keeps a distance. Plus anytime we do get with Watson it is snuggles and playtime. We do make sure to make him feel as loved as possible. I am not going to lie finding a balance for myself is HARD – when I feel like a getting a somewhat handle something new happens ( you know how it is). I will try more to get those shots of Watson 🙂