How Watson is Doing

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How is Watson doing? This is a question I am getting asked a lot. Watson is doing pretty great!

Okay Okay – does he wish he was still the only child – yes. yes. and yes again. BUT he is warming up to Gwendolyn – Lawson and Lachlan are a different story – he is not a fan of loud boys.

Watson has his own little room – which he spends a good portion of the morning. During nap time in the afternoon it is all about hanging out with mama for brushes and food. Sleep time is his favorite – he sleeps all night on my pillow – I basically have a cat butt in my face all night long.

BUT the biggest thing going on is his mouse adventures. We live in the country ( down the street from a Christmas Tree farm) – not sure if you knew that – because of this we have a slight mouse problem. Well – not really with Watson around. This boy hunts those mice and delivers them to mama! He has caught 10 mice this year! Normally it is only 2 or 3 per year not sure what changed.

I do post photos of Watson on my instagram stories frequently – so make sure you watch out for him there.