Why I Have Stopped Talking About My Twin Pregnancy

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I have received many emails from you ( my amazing readers) on the lack of pictures, updates, and posts about my twin pregnancy especially since we are past the due date. What I can say is this — there is a reason ( reasons). Before I go on I want to make it a point that: I am okay, babies are okay, my family is okay, and Watson is okay. But there are some situations ( events ) that have happened within the past week that we are trying to work through dealing with the twin pregnancy. Simply there have been complications that we did not think would happen with the pregnancy.

As of right now we are waiting… Waiting for a couple of situations to resolve. But I will say that this by far has been the most challenging week of our lives – we are getting through it though. Once everything is settled I will let you all know what has been happening.

What I would love from you is positive comments and happy thoughts.

I am still trying to find freebies and post recipes on Facebook when I can — just trying to be positive.