Am I Going To Need A C-Section? – Twin Pregnancy

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Pretty much since week 12 both twins have been breech ( butt down) or transverse ( sideways laying). There is little you can do to change the position of twins. In a singleton pregnancy only 3 – 4% of babies stay breech most go head down and a natural vaginal birth can be done. In each ultrasound I always held my breathe until I saw the sonographer type Baby A breech – and I would get a little sad but I told myself there is still time. We would only really need Baby A to be head down for a vaginal birth to be done. I really would rather have a vaginal birth – my OB agrees with me in terms for the health of the twins. I really want an easier recovery time especially with 2 infants.

WELL —- week 33 – I go through 4 days of pain — I can tell Baby A is trying to flip she is NOT subtle with her movements. I go into the ultrasound and GUESS WHAT she went head down! For the first time the whole pregnancy we could talk about a natural birth. I had to go back to the OB 3 days later for another ultrasound and check up ( there was a mix up in the schedule I do not normally get seen that much). Well guess what —- she flipped back and is SUPER breech. I will not lie it was hard ultrasound to get through — both babies are doing well and I know I should be so happy about that but my heart broke a little bit.

Long story short — the C Section is back on! I will have one if I go into labor and at some point soon my OB will schedule one as well — not sure when but she wants to push it close to 39 weeks if she can.