Why I Do Not Breastfeed

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I just had to use this photo from my babies first day 🙂 I have mentioned a few times that I do not breastfeed and I wanted to go into the reasons. My goal was to breastfeed and supplement with formula. I was lucky enough to have a supply come in pretty much right away. Lawson ( who went to the NICU a day after the photo) would not feed – they are preemies and this can be a problem. While Gwendolyn latched but I really did not like it even after a few days we could tell the latch was not good.

Because they were preemies they had us feed both donors milk with a bottle. So right away I got to try both and I loved the idea of bottle feeding. Especially seeing my parents being able to feed them.

When Lawson came home everything had to be measured to the cc ( measurement unit) so it was much easier on my mind to know he was eating enough to thrive.

What I currently do is pump 4 times a day and I get about 40 oz per day sometimes it is 45 oz. They get my milk for 6 feedings and formula for middle of the night feedings. I am so excited because this week I have been producing enough to start freezing milk and I now have 1000 cc or 33 ounces.

As long as babies are FED I am happy 🙂 Even if they are brother brains