Being An Adult

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What a tough week we’ve had. Gwendolyn has been colicky and doesn’t give Eric the rest he needs to get up and be at work on time every morning for a full day of keeping the office going. Some days we lay in bed groaning because we don’t want to adult anymore. But every day and week after week we manage to make it through and I am really proud of how we are doing with our precious babies. With a nonstop working schedule that slows down for no one, we have to take the time to pause and catch our breath and celebrate these important moments.

It’s been a big week for us, juggling the kids and our jobs. Eric has been grinding day after day to meet his goals at work and maximize his commissions, with no nap time. Now that’s adult. We are nonstop parenting, relieving each other when we have asks to accomplish and sharing in special achievements of the twins, or just basking in their lovable cuteness.

Our primary way of celebrating this summer has been hanging out on the deck and grilling. It’s a convenient way for us to unwind with some drinks and make non holidays a special break. The balmy night air and the smell of burning charcoal briquettes just can’t be beat. We favor Kingsford ® Match Light ® Instant Light Charcoal briquettes, because it is easy to get the party going. No mundane task, or grown up obligation should go without its reward.

Firing up a BBQ is one of our favorite summer activities and it has provided us with some nice dates, both before and after the birth of our children. It’s such a relaxing and refreshing way to cook a meal at the end of a hot summer day. The aroma alone seems to just melt away stress.

But what are your best moments of adulting and non holidays to celebrate? Get some Kingsford charcoal at Walmart and submit your photos to @Kingsford on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using #TBDHashtag to receive an instant barbeque kit.

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