Shocking 2 Month Twin Doctor’s Appointment

The whole family went to the pediatrician for the 2 month check up and for a bunch of shots. We actually shot a video of the day below — a little view into our lives. They are healthy but the pediatrician is concerned about their weight and weight gain especially for Lawson. I would love any stories of your kids that had low % of weight. Starting that night we have upped their intake. Of course there is mom guilt.


Watch the video below for everything that happened




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  • Delynn

    Don’t fret the low weight % as long as he is eating plenty. My youngest son was tiny, and I mean in Kindergarten and first grade he was still wearing 2t size clothes. Our pediatrician even had me take him to a nutritionist because he thought I was starving the poor thing, who then, in turn, made me keep a food journal of literally everything he ate. He was eating plenty, and even as a toddler he ate plenty, but it was all healthy stuff, so he wasn’t putting on weight. He finally out grew it for a couple of years, and now, of course, he is tall, so he is skinny again.

  • Angela Current

    My son didn’t want to feed well when he was born… When he did, he spat up so much. I was thrown up on more times than I can count the first ten months of his life. His weight was a concern at first, but that changed in a big way… By the time he was four, everyone questioned how old he was because he looked so much older (because he was tall and bigger). By the time he was 15, he looked 21 and now he’s 25 and looks like a linebacker. Just know that many little ones turn around… They catch up. 🙂

  • Beverly Ritter

    I had twin girls, and one of them was way bigger than the other, as they grew they remained that way. They made it seem that i was feeding one and not the other, discussed dominant twin, and just made me feel crappy. I fed both of them the same, and mostly the smaller one usually at at least the most that the other did. They grew fine and were healthy. Today they are 18 and one is still way smaller than the other. Don’t worry so much about it. As long as they are healthy that is all that matters! Their older sister who was also small, and the dr. told me to feed whatever she would eat and add lots of fats to it, and unfortunately I did, and now she is the pickiest eater I have , so did not want to do that to the twin. Good luck to you and Congrats! They are beautiful <3

  • Jessica

    I just wanted to share with you my story. My son will be one this month. The first 8 months he was not even on the growth chart. His % wasn’t even 2%. He has sugar problems and can’t swallow liquids so was throwing up a lot. Once the dr’s realized he needed thickened fluids to the consistency of honey he started to gain weight. He also was having a lot of growths spurts and that was making him hungrier. So he is almost one and is finally at 25% on the chart. The dr’s are happy because he is doing so much better. He eats a lot and looks like a healthy normal baby so even though he’s only at the 25%, it’s not a terrible thing by any means. Hope this helps put your mind at ease a little.

  • jenn jones

    My son was small from birth, at age 11 the pediatrician ordered a growth hormone test to be administered at the hospital. the results came back normal but he was still below the growth chart. He’s 15 now and about 5 feet tall, maybe 100 pounds but he is healthy and strong. Just take deep breaths, be aware of what the doctor suggests but don’t dwell. Yes I know easier said than done. But you got this!

  • Michele Dillon

    My daughter was always in the low %, but had consistent growth. I remember reading that around the 2 year mark, you can double their height for their full growth, and she was only supposed to be 4’8″. When she started walking, she wasn’t much taller than the coffee table. She’s a healthy adult now.
    My friend’s grand daughter, and also a cousin, is the same way, just petite babies. As long as he continues to grow, he will be fine. He had a rough start, give him some time to catch up!

  • Bre

    My daughter dropped off the charts when she was about nine months. She has always been low on the weight charts. It was not alarming to us because she always ate well though. The doctor did make us come back in for a weight check just to make sure she didn’t lose any weight.

  • Angela

    My preemie twins were on a high calorie/fat formula and by 3 months, they were great. It’s been 13 years, so I don’t remember the brand/kind.

  • Cindy A

    I didn’t produce enough calories in breastmilk, so I had to switch to formula … for all 3 of my boys! You will get through this!

  • Allison

    Failure to thrive. Horrible words a mom never wants to hear. Heres the thing. When my 6th baby was about 3 months old I noticed she was getting kind of skinny…..and I dont have skinnh babies. At this point I had seriously been breastfeeding for 7 years straight. My kids are all about a year apart with the widest gap being 16 months and the smallest gap being 11 months. By the 6th kid, I should be a seasoned pro at breast feeding! Anyhow, I made an appointment and saw the NP, who said she was fine and not to worry. Um…ok? Well then I went home. 3 weeks later was her 4 month check up with the same NP. Took her clothes off to take her to the scale out in the hall and my favorite pediatrician walked by and grabbed me and immediately took me to the room and took my baby and put her on the exam room. She was very concerned about her weight. She should have been because she lost even more weight since I had brought her in 3 weeks previous. She asked why I had brought her in before now. I told her I did. Just 3 weeks ago. Her Nurse Practitioner told me not to worry about it. She immediately left the room. Words were had.

    Well, we were immediately sent to the Childrens Specialist who was on the fence whether he was going to hospitalize her. I was like…what?!?!?!? He said, yes its THAT bad. Talk about mothers guilt. Hello!!!! He ended up not hospitalizing her only because the hospital was almost 2 hours away from our house (remember I had 5 little ones still at home) and for the fact that I was a “seasoned mother”, his words. He felt I could handle what needed to be done.

    She was getting my milk. He body just wasnt processing it. It had something to do with her liver and my milk. But she had to be put on the special formula that was $50/can and it was made at a 2 to 1 ratio instead of a 1 to 1. And I fed her all the time. All…..the……time. Plus I had a 1 year old, 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old, and a 5 year old at the time.

    Needless to say she bulked up and became a chubby cheeked cutie pie in no time. At the time, there is mothers guilt. Even the doctors thought, well you have your hands full, maybe you just arent feeding her enough. Um, if she is hungry, she would let me know. Plus if I pumped I was kicking out major milk so I knew I was producing and she was eating like clockwork. But that comment made me feel even worse. Made me go back and think, maybe I have been neglecting her? No…I wasnt. Some babies just need a little more food to get their bodies growing! So dont fret! Just give your sweet boy what he needs and a big ole kiss with it!

  • Donna Thackston

    No Mom guilt allowed.
    My first son was born weighing 9# 3.6 oz. I was “trying” to nurse him. He continued to lose weight and had apnea episodes. I had to stop nursing him when he was approx 4 months old.

    When he was 11 months old, we found out that I had a thyroid condition and that was why he lost weigh when I was nursing.
    I did nothing wrong…don’t you know that many people were there to tell me I was doing something wrong! Hang in there.It does get better 🙂

  • Jamie

    I would say don’t worry. My son’s birth weight was at about the 50 percentile and as he got older I started to dread the doctors appointments for well child checks. He had started to lose percentiles and then at 9 months he fell completely off the bottom of the growth chart. I was concerned but a friend who was a doctor told me not to worry, he was meeting his developmental milestones on time and he was eating. He told me to make sure that there was good nutritious food available and it would work it’s self out. Today my son is 23 years old 6 foot tall and 185. He was rarely sick growing up and now is very healthy. I think sometimes we worry too much.

  • Danielle

    My son was in the less than 2% for a couple months which felt like forever. I’m breastfeeding so I felt like it was all my fault. We upped his feedings and he still wasn’t gaining at the rate they wanted. We even supplemented with formula. Now he’s in the 54% and doing great. He’s 8 months now. It seemed like eventually he just started eating more on his own and gaining weight.

  • Penelope Costanzo

    Both of my sons were considered “failure to trive” because they were small. They were each singletons but underweight. Our pediatrician put them on Duocal to help them gain weight. It is powdered extra calories to add to their formula

  • Jenni

    2 of my 3 kids were low weight throughout growing up. Pack the protein in and know that Lawson will probably have that high gear metabolism and all will be well. You are doing great mamma!!!

  • Sarah @ Disney Magic Mommy

    Both my kids were always on the lower percentage for weight. My 5 year old is still only the 20th percentile. I’ve always let them eat when they wanted, (as babies, couldn’t keep them away from nursing) and I just don’t worry about it because while my husbands side are larger, my side is not, and as long as they are eating, peeing, and healthy, it shouldn’t be a concern. Never was for our pediatricians.

  • Holly

    If you haven’t already, join the What To Expect Month/yr of birth groups WTE July 2017. Even other months if they were early. The mom’s are super helpful. We are still active in WTE Feb 2012 and we’ve all just sent them to Kindergarten.