Lawson Needs To Go To Therapy

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The one year appointment did not go great. Good news – the twins are healthy. I thought the appointment was going to be over with when our pediatrician got serious. If you did not know weight has ALWAYS been an issue for Lawson. He was born at a great weight for a preemie ( 6 pounds) but ended up not being able to consume food well which landed him in the NICU for 2 weeks.

Since NICU time trying to get weight on this boy has been tough. He is always around 3 – 4% percentile on the preemie chart. Well their pediatrician explained that he is low in weight but always gained enough to keep on a nice curve; however, his progress crashed. He did have a cold a couple weeks before which hurt his weight gain – but beyond that we have an issue with Lawson….

Something we have not really talked about before. Lawson will not eat solid food. At all. It has been 6 months of solid food for the twins and it has been such a struggle. Anything thicker than applesauce he will gag and throw up. EVERY SINGLE TIME. He also has ZERO interest in food – loves milk and that is IT! Because he is not getting enough calories and he is so active he is barely gaining weight. He is 50% in height and 1% in weight. He is at 17.5 pounds at the moment.

Long story short – the pediatrician referred us to a occupational therapist for Lawson to help him eat. We see her in about 2 weeks. I am so hopeful since it has been such a long road trying to get calories into him. The pediatrician discussed the issue is most likely from being a preemie and some sort of gag reflux that has gone wrong?

If you have any advice we would love to read it 🙂




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  • Carol Pope

    I had the same issue with my grandson! With therapy and patience in introducing different textures, I can say he grew out of it. But I didn’t hesitate to let him eat baby food as often as he wanted along with a new texture such as French fries, bread, chicken, etc. My grandson was slow to accept some textures but don’t ever force it…just keep introducing the textures and he will let you know what he can tolerate.

  • ValindaK

    Our twins loved OT! We had a fantastic “play lady” who taught us how to work with them in games! Praying you get a fun OT to help you work through this!

  • Allie

    My daughter was 8 lbs 7 oz at birth and did not reach 20 lbs until after her 2nd birthday. She was born in 95% for height and weight and was off the chart negative by 6 months old. She didn’t eat anything except pureed peas until 13 months old. The doctors had us in a panic by sending us to a GI specialist (4 hours from home every month); feeding therapy; speech therapy (they thought her mouth muscles needed more development); and ran several tests including for cystic fibrosis. She had weekly weigh-ins and was put in meds for constipation and acid reflux. Although she didn’t show all the signs for acid reflux, the pediatrician concluded she trained herself to eat small amounts several times a day to avoid the pain. I was nursing every 90 mins for 18 months. She is still very picky and was a very slow grower until she was about 10 years old. She is 11 1/2 now and has grown 7 inches in 18 months and gained 16 lbs. Eventually, the doctors all determined she was fine and everyone grows at their own time. The growth chart is just an average rate of growth among children in the US. Other places actually compare a ratio of height and weight. If he is a good weight for his height and is otherwise healthy, I’d have tests run but not let the doctors scare you. Trust your gut and just love him. My neighbor had premie twins and one just reached 11 lbs on the first birthday so over 17 lbs sounds good to me!

  • Lisa

    My grandson was a very sensitive eater also. The gagging on food or from smells was our first signal that he was autistic. Probably not what is going on in your case but just file in under something to keep an eye on