Email Marketing Made Easy with Constant Contact

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Earlier this year, I started an online business called Bloom + Haul.  Since then I learned the value of email marketing that is smarter and more efficient.  Eric is used to working with systems for other companies that segment customers and send follow up emails.  The problem was, that he had to do all of the work manually. How can you properly maintain a business when you are always working on getting new business and retaining customers?

The internet is still fairly new when you think about its current state and Constant Contact has been the experts in email marketing, pretty much since the beginning.  They know what it takes to build a business online and they continue to lead in relevant email marketing and content visibility. With Constant Contact you get quick results you can see.

The Leading Experts

For email marketing, you can’t do any better than Constant Contact.  They’ve been leading in this industry for 20 Years. Constant Contact is the trusted resource to grow your business using proven methods that put customers within your grasp.  You can watch your results in real time, as they happen and connect to more customers using Constant Contact’s unique marketing system.

Get Results

With easy features like drag and drop and auto responder, you can spend more time concentrating on running your business while Constant Contact does the work of helping you grow your customer base.  This email marketing platform comes with 24/7 live support and gives you everything you need for tracking and segmenting contacts. With Constant Contact you can build and maintain effective email lists that market smartly and get more visibility from the contacts that matter most.

If you are struggling to grow your emailing list and get the right customers to see your business, then you should definitely give Constant Contact a try.  Start a free trial today.