Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

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Spring is here! I have been coming up with toddler activities with the twins – and I am in love with this Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin. If you want to know about the best sensory toys check out this site.

How to make DIY Rainbow Rice


  • White rice
  • Several Mason Jars
  • Food coloring in variety of rainbow colors (we used red, blue, yellow, green and hot pink)
  • 1 tbs of Rubbing alcohol for each color (Or other alcohol)
  • Bin to play with rice in

Step 1:

Gather your supplies.

Step 2: 

Place your white rice into different mason jars. We split ours between 5 different jars, one for each of our different colors. 

We used about 1 and a half cups of rice in each jar.

Step 3:

Add a different color food coloring to each of your jars. Then add 1 tbs of rubbing alcohol to each jar. The alcohol will help it spread better and still quickly.

Step 4: 

Cap your jars and shake like crazy to evenly color all of your rice. A lot of shaking is necessary! You may even have to stir the jars a bit to break up any large clumps of food coloring.

Step 5:

Place each color of your rice to dry on a different surface. We used paper plates but baking sheets would work great too! If it’s a sunny day, the heat from the sun will help it dry very quickly.

Step 6: 

Once its dry, you can add it to your bin for a fun sensory play activity. We added fun objects from the kitchen to play with plus a few toys to make it extra fun.