Things Not To Say to a Pregnant Woman

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If you have ever been pregnant, you can likely agree that people tend to say some weird things to you when you are pregnant. For many pregnant women, especially first time moms, being pregnant can be a little scary and sometimes very stressful. All of the weird comments just add to that, so here is a list of things you probably don’t want to say to your pregnant friend or even the pregnant stranger you see at the store.

You are Huge!

It doesn’t matter if a woman is pregnant or not, they generally do not want to hear about how fat they are. So just leave that topic alone.

Have You Not Been Sleeping? You Look Tired.

Thanks for stating the obvious. With all the peeing pregnant woman do plus the fact they are just plain uncomfortable, they tend to get a lot less sleep than they need, so yes, they are tired.

Do You Plan on Breastfeeding?

This one really boils down to it’s really none of your business. If your pregnant friend wants to know what you think about breastfeeding, they will ask.

Will You Go Back to Work?

For many women this is a tough choice and one they don’t necessarily want to discuss with just anyone. Plus, either answer could be wrong in someone else’s eyes, so it’s better to just stay away from this topic.

Do You Think You Should Be Eating That?

Whether it’s advice on caffeine when pregnant, or you don’t think your pregnant friend should be enjoying some ice cream, just keep those opinions to yourself. Sometimes a woman just needs what they need, and it usually won’t hurt the baby to have something every once in a while.

You Haven’t Had That Baby Yet?

Worse than even the question they hear a thousand times – When are you due? – asking if they are STILL pregnant once their due date is past is probably not something you want to go into.

What was the weirdest comment you got when you were pregnant?