Things To Do With Your Husband Before Baby Arrives

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There is no doubt that your life with change greatly after your new baby arrives. Be sure to take advantage of the time before the baby gets here to get in some extra time with your husband. Here are some fun ideas to consider.

Go to Dinner

It may sound like something you do all the time already, but taking a baby out to dinner is not always a fun or an easy task. So enjoy a couple meals out before the baby comes.

Evening Out with Friends

Once baby arrives and it’s all about baby, take some time to go out with your friends as it will likely be harder to get together with them for a while after baby comes.

Take Naps

Enjoy the quiet house before baby comes and take a nice afternoon nap together when you can. You can look back on that later and be glad you did it when you had the chance.

Go Camping

If camping is something you enjoy, try to get in one last outing before baby comes. Like any trip camping is especially difficult with young babies, not that you can’t do it, but maybe something you save for when baby is a little older.

Weekend Trip

Once the baby arrives any trip out of the house, whether to the store or for a weekend, takes a LOT of extra planning and preparation. So get in one last weekend with just the two of you while it is still a little easier to do.

Movies or Sporting Events

Like everything, going to movies and sporting events are near impossible with little ones, so enjoy one or two more before baby comes.

Lazy Days

Once baby comes you will not have as much time to just enjoy a lazy afternoon or evening. So be sure to get in a fair share of those as well.