Worst Parts of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is different for everyone. And in many cases pregnancy with different babies is different for the same person. But many find commonality in the best and worst parts of pregnancy – adoption mother quotes. Here are some of the worst.

Morning Sickness

Not sure who called it “morning” sickness but did you know it can happen any time of the day? And for some people it happens all day long. If you are one of the lucky ones who didn’t get sick during their pregnancy, our hats off to you.

Not Getting Much Sleep

If you are like me and cherish your sleep, you will agree that one of the worst parts of pregnancy is not getting a good night sleep. There are tips you can use to make it better, but sleeping when pregnant is never as good as sleeping when not pregnant.

Being Uncomfortable ALL THE TIME

Most people when pregnant gain quite a bit of weight and it is just tough to deal with that extra weight. Plus your feet get bigger, you are tired all the time (see above), and your back hurts most of the time.

And forget being able to tie your shoes. Invest in some comfy slip on shoes. You’ll thank me.

Visting the Bathroom OFTEN

It’s no secret. Pregnant women have to pee a lot. And it’s not fun to always have to stop what you are doing and visit the ladies room whether you are home or out and about. So be sure to locate the rest rooms in your grocery store and other places you frequent.

All the Doctor Appointments

You will see your OBGYN more during your pregnancy than possibly the rest of your life. There are a lot of doctors visits and it can get tiresome going all the time.

Giving Birth

I’m sure you can find a woman or two who loved being in labor, but most will agree it is one of the worst parts of being pregnant. Until the little one arrives anyway.

What was your least favorite part of being pregnant?