How to Get Better Sleep When Pregnant

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Sleep is so important, and that is even truer when you are pregnant. You need to get your rest to allow you to make it through the day. And even with a good night sleep you likely will still feel the need to grab a nap during the day, especially during the later months of your pregnancy.

Sleep can be tough especially when you are dealing with back pain, going to the bathroom often and just the uncomfortable feeling that comes with being pregnant, so here are some tips to try to get the best sleep you can.

No Caffeine in the Evening

Less than 200 mg of caffeine per day is perfectly ok when you are pregnant, so if you need a little boost to get you through the day, just be sure you have drinking it early in the day. Caffeine can increase your need to urinate as well as cause a slight increase in your heart rate, and neither of those makes for a restfully night.

No Exercise at Night

Any type of exercise can stimulate your body and if done at night it may take you longer than normal to fall asleep. So try to get in your exercise early in the day to avoid a later bedtime.

Avoid drinking in the Evening

Waking up to pee every couple hours is a big issue with pregnant women. Try to avoid drinking anything after dinner to keep those nightly trips to the bathroom to a minimum and allow you a little bit better sleep.

Find a Relaxing Bedtime Ritual

To help you fall asleep quicker and have a more restful night, it can help to find something relaxing to do right before bedtime. For some this means meditation, but for others it may be reading, listening to calm music or writing in your journal.

Warm Bath Before Bed

A warm bath or shower can help relax your muscles and in turn allow you to sleep more peacefully at night. This may also be what you find relaxing.