Stress and Your Budget

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Although stress has always been a large part of adult life, it seems like the farther we get into the 2020’s, the more stressed out people have been getting. I think this is due to the expectations of people at home and at work constantly increasing. For example, as a mom, you are expected to nurse your baby for a year (or more), you’re expected to pump and have a large freezer stash, you are expected to play with your kids non-stop, and teach them things, but also keep your home clean, and make sure that the fridge is always stocked. You are also supposed to find a way to make an income while doing all of this. It’s just too much and the expectations that people place on you are just way too enormous. 

The same goes for those who are not moms, or those who are full-time working moms, maybe with older ones – it seems like in the workforce now, there is so much expected of you. But, I do not just mean hard work because of course, you obviously need to be a hard worker. I mean of your time. More and more time and work is expected of so many of us recently and that time and amount of work seems to keep increasing. Many of us do not prioritize our health, many of us do not get home until the sun sets (and they leave before the sun rises), and unfortunately, many of us have a ton of stress because of this.

 There are many things that stress can affect, but one of those things is your finances. Stress can be a big issue on your budget. Stress can cause some bad spending habits that you will want to avoid. Planning ahead can stop you from making these bad financial decisions when you get stressed.

Vacation Bonus

If you work hard all year, you want to make the most out of your vacation time. If you get 2 weeks off each year you will be tempted to go all out on a vacation to enjoy your time off. Don’t let yourself put your vacation on your credit cards and stress about it when you get back. You can save all year to pay for it and you will be in a much better position. If you can’t save enough for a big vacation, take a smaller one instead.

No Online Shopping

It seems when we are stressed it is much easier to start doing some online shopping therapy than it is to go out to the store. If there is something you need try to wait until you can get to the store. Or just wait another day to purchase to make sure it isn’t an impulse, stress-related purchase.

Shop All at Once

Another financial habit caused by stress is shopping online more often than normal. If we shop for little things almost every day, we may not notice how it is all adding up. Try to do all your shopping at once so you can see the overall impact you are making. Add items to your cart as you find them and then only checkout once a week or once a month to see your total spending impact.

Reward Spending

Many of us want to reward ourselves after having a stressful day. A trip to the mall, a coffee from Starbucks, or other rewards may make us feel better for a brief time, but it may be better to figure out why we are feeling so stressed. If lack of sleep is causing us to feel more stressed, maybe a reward of a nap is better than adding to your financial issues.



Utilize Extra Cash

If you really cannot stop some of these habits due to stress – like your everyday cup of Starbucks, for example, then at least try to utilize extra cash instead of putting the charge on your credit card. A few ways to make extra cash are to babysit or pet sit on the side, sell something creative on Etsy, offer to mow grasses in your neighborhood, or you could even get a loan for gold from Prestamos por Oro. They provide low-interest loans and pay you in cash in exchange for your gold, diamonds, jewelry, and other valuables. The great thing about Prestamos por Oro is the fact that you can get your cash the same day and since you are selling your jewelry, there is not a need for timely credit checks. The process is very easy – call them and set up an appointment, or go in without an appointment, bring your items with you to their private office in Buckhead (they are one block from the MARTA station at Lenox), and get your cash! Their team has the most experience and knowledge in the market and they are able to offer you the most money for your pieces.