Money Lies We Tell Ourselves

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Young woman doing her accounts

Most people find themselves in financial trouble because they are not being honest about the situation they are in. Lies told to your bank, creditors, family and friends, but most of all to yourself. Knowing the big lies may help you spot them and stop yourself from telling them.

I Can Always Start Saving Later

Your retirement years may seem like a long way off, but it will be here before you know it. And the early you start saving, even a little bit, will make those later years so much easier. You will want to make sure the people working for you are the people you want. Check out association executive search firms to help you out.

My Paycheck will be Bigger Soon

Many people make large purchases, like homes, assuming their paycheck will continue to get bigger each year, and in many cases making guesses

It’s Ok – It’s  a Good Debt

Where it may be true that some kinds of debt are better than others, no debt is “good”. The best way for you to be in the best financial position possible is to have no debt. [Or to have some knowledge and understanding about it, you can check some advice about debt from King of Kash.

It Was a Great Deal

Even if something is a great deal, you have to spend money to buy it. And if it isn’t a true need, it is money you didn’t have to spend. So regardless of how good a deal it was, any money spent is not money saved.

If They Approved Me My Credit Can’t Be That Bad

Just because you get credit card offers in the mail does not mean you have good credit. Even people with bad credit can get credit cards if the interest rate is high enough. If you already have credit card debt, just say no to any additional spending limits. Pay off what you have first.

I Earned This ____

Have you ever bought a new outfit or splurged on a vacation because you thought you had earned it by working so hard? You many feel the need to treat yourself from time to time, but in many cases this because a habit and your spending gets out of control because of it. Treat yourself by keeping extra money in your savings for spending when you really need it.