6 Simple Home Décor Crafts to Keep You Busy During Lockdown

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Have lockdown restrictions got you feeling antsy? Keep your spirits up and your creative juices flowing by using the extra time to spruce up your home. Here is a list of some of the simplest, yet most enjoyable home décor crafts to try. All of these ideas are guaranteed to beautify your interior and keep you motivated in the process. 

Wall art sticker projects

You cannot go wrong with wall art stickers if you want to bring a specific wall in a room to life. Companies, like Aspect Wall Art, offer a wide selection to suit every personality. Adorn your walls with minimalistic, personalized name stickers, inspirational quotes and stunning motifs. Be sure to check out Pinterest for inspiration before placing your order! 

Tin can lanterns

If you’re keen on recycling or learning how to up-cycle items, you will love making your own tin can lanterns. All that you need are a few old tins (wash and dry them a day or two before getting started), a hammer, and some nails of various sizes. Decide on a design, such as stars, flowers, or swirls, and secure the tin in place to avoid injury. Use the hammer to knock small holes into the tin to create your chosen patterns, then place some tea light candles inside and enjoy! 

Washi tape furniture 

Washi tape is a specific type of paper masking tape created for interior decorating and design. It is super thin and usually made out of long-lasting fibers like bamboo. You can find it online at affordable prices and in every color that you can imagine. Put it to good use by placing it on your furniture, such as the top of your wooden coffee table, or use it to decorate a plain chest of drawers. You can create a variety of different designs; however, geometric designs are the most popular and the easiest to get right. 

There is also the option to place the tape horizontally all the way around an arch or doorway in your home using as many colors as you can get your hands on. The resultant rainbow effect will instantly brighten up your interior and add a beautiful, creative flair. It is certain to be a talking point among your guests in the future. 

Origami butterfly displays 

While it originated in Japan, many people around the world turn to origami as a productive outlet for both creativity and stress. It is essentially the art of folding paper and is quite simple once you get the hang of it. There are online stores that sell origami kits at reasonable prices. Having said that, it is possible to create your own origami using nothing but vibrant paper, your hands, and your imagination. If you need a bit of help in the beginning, check out YouTube for some instructive videos. 

Origami butterfly displays are trending right now. Basically, you make a few pretty origami butterflies and stick them onto the twigs of a small tree branch. Place the finished product into a decorative vase and display on the mantlepiece for everyone to admire.   

Macramé wall hangings 

If Instagram and Pinterest were anything to go by, macramé was definitely the leading craft trend of 2019. No worries if you missed the memo. Now is the perfect time to try your hand at creating some knotted textile masterpieces of your own. The great news is that it is really easy to master — some even say that it is simpler to learn than knitting. Watch a tutorial on YouTube or follow this step by step guide from Real Homes. 

If a wall hanging isn’t for you, there are many other macramé creations to explore, including plant hangers, jar holders, bracelets, and more. 

A pretty penny floor 

Is there a floor inside your home that could do with some TLC? Great! You don’t need any more excuse to get started on creating a shimmering penny floor. Simply grab some pennies and start sticking!

Considering the amount of work required to complete this specific project (never mind the number of pennies!), it is recommended that you choose to decorate the floor of a smaller room, such as the bathroom. Not keen to tackle such a humungous task at this stage? Downscale it a bit and make a penny desk or even spruce up the surface of your kitchen counters with some pennies instead. 

With these wonderful ideas, you will be able to keep busy and stimulated no matter how long lockdown lasts. Enjoy!