7 Tips to Transform the Gaming Room with Wall Stickers

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Do you love gaming? Video games are not only exciting. They also make it awesome for players to seek creative ways to display that love. Decorating or transforming your gaming room is one sure way to do that. Wall stickers or wall decals can be an awesome addition to the thrills that come with playing your favorite video games.

In this article, we will inspire you with some creative ideas that can be used when selecting wall stickers for your gaming room.

  1. Select Wall Stickers with Game Quotes

Maintaining a high spirit is one of the important factors to have in place before playing games. With a positive mindset, there may be no limits to the success you will record with your gameplay.

This is why choosing wall stickers with game quotes is a brilliant idea. Also, the quotes will inspire you every morning or anytime you stare at them. With these statements ever-present in the room, there is no doubt that you will be constantly inspired to put in your best when gaming.

  1. Be Strategic with the Placements

There are many types of stickers like florals, animal prints or gaming stickers. Gaming room wall decals are a good choice for transforming the room and giving an edge to it.  They need to be placed where you can see them, and at the same time, you wouldn’t be distracted. Some gamers suggest placing them just behind your gaming chair. That way, it would be the first thing your eyes meet before sitting down to play your favorite games.

Others suggest applying the stickers on both sides of the walls in the gaming room. With the inspiration coming from both sides, you want to be at the center receiving them all and getting more gingered to play your games.

  1. Be Choosy with Colors

The color of the wall sticker is another important factor to consider. What color do you like the most? That should be one of the colors to consider when picking a color for the stickers.

The other color types you may want to consider are:


  Black with white hues




  1. Pick a Routine-Like Wall Sticker

What is your routine like when playing games? What is your average gaming day like? Do you play games all day or is there something else you do?

Choosing a routine-like wall sticker can help you stick to that plan, you know? Think of it this way – you wake, brush your teeth, eat breakfast and play a game. You sleep, wake up and do the same thing again.

There is a popular wall sticker for that and it usually goes this way, “Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat.” To put it simply, it sums up your daily activities – starting from the moment you eat (breakfast or dinner), sleep for a while, play your favorite games, and repeat the same process.

  1. Customize Everything

Custom wall stickers can also be used to decorate your gaming room. Gamers are also good at creative thinking, so coming up with ideas for customizing the wall stickers shouldn’t be an issue.

These are some of the best ways to customize your gaming room wall sticker:

  Use your name

  Consider adding your picture

  It would be a brilliant idea to add an avatar of your favorite video game character.

  Personalize the wall stickers with the jersey number of your favorite athlete.

  Make the stickers exclusive to you by using customized templates, such as “[Your name]’s Gaming Zone.” That is, if your name is Sammy, the template would be something like “Sammy’s Gaming Zone.”

  1. Controller Wall Stickers can do the Magic

An image of game controllers on the wall stickers can make it lively. Look at it this way – your wall stickers are designed with two controllers (one black and the other white).

These creative ideas can be found on some of the controller wall stickers for gaming room decoration:

  Two game controllers dropping down from the top.

  Choosing two-colored game controllers designs for wall stickers – preferably white and black.


  1. Make a Bold Statement with Minimalist Wall Stickers

Some gamers tend to believe that only wall stickers designed with lots of designs and bold fonts make the most impressions. That may be true, but not in all cases. Minimalist wall stickers also make such impressions, if not more.

Consider applying a wall sticker that has smaller fonts, plus colors that resonate with your personality. These are some ideas:

  Buy a couple of square tiles and affix them to the wall in your gaming room.

  Be selective with colors. Some colors you may want to look for when choosing the wall stickers are blue, yellow, red, black, and green.



Transforming your gaming room with wall stickers is one brilliant step to maintaining high energy. With the right colors, an excellent choice of wall stickers, and strategic placements, your gaming room would be fully immersive for an improved gameplay experience.