A Guide On The Best Gifts For Cooks!

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When you’re buying a gift for a foodie, it can be hard to know what to get…


Gifting food itself is not generally advised because it has a short lifespan before it goes bad. 


But gifts that help the cooking process are another matter entirely – they’re designed to last and be used again and again, making them great value for money.


The good news is that there are quite a lot of options out there to choose from, and we’re going to introduce you to some of our favorites within this article.


But first, a quick tip – be sure to find out what gizmos and gadgets they already have, so that you don’t waste your money buying them something they already have, or something very similar to what they already have.


Here are some of our favorite ideas!

Waffle Maker

Whether the cook in your life prefers sweet or savory waffles, these doughy goods always go down a treat!


Most cooks will have a blender in their kitchen, but they won’t necessarily have a juicer. And it’s a great way to help towards getting their 5 portions of fruit and veg every day.

Slow Cooker

The great thing about cooking in a slow cooker is just how perfectly tender the meat gets if left to cook for long enough.


They’re also very easy to work with, and it’s often simply a case of fix it and forget it. The cook in your life can prep their dinner before they leave for work, and it will be warm and ready for them by the time they come home

Air Fryer

If your cook friend is something of a foodie, they may occasionally be looking for ways to cut calories. And this is where air fryers come in really handy. They’ll be able to fry their favorite food with little or no oil to make much healthier versions of their best loved dishes.

Induction Hob

With a regular stove top, you can generally set the heat to low, medium or high. But an induction hob takes the process to the next level. With an induction hob at hand, the cook in your life can cook their meals at precisely the perfect temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. An excellent gift for perfectionists.

Knife Set

Ok, so the cook in your life probably already has their own knife set. But why should they make do with a basic one, when you can get them a particularly elegant one that keeps their knives beautifully on display.


Or alternatively, how about a novelty knife set. It would make for an excellent conversation starter when dinner guests arrive.

Food Processor

As we mentioned earlier, the cook in your life probably already has a blender for making smoothies and such. But a food processor is a much more powerful machine that can purée your foods, which makes for a more melt-in-the-mouth texture that the cook in your life can get really experimental with.

Quality Pots and Pans

Sure, the cook in your life will already have some great pots and pans. But these can get worn, and at some point they’ll have to invest in a new set. But, it pays to do your homework on this and be sure to invest in ones of excellent quality. You might like to check out the Hexclad range, or you could check out starfrit the rock review.

Margarita Maker

Now, if this is not the height of luxury, I don’t know what is. If the cook in your life likes to entertain dinner guests, they may also be interested in after drinks, which is where a margarita maker makes an excellent addition to the home.


For those of you who don’t already know, a velvetizer is a gadget that will velvetize your drinks for you, giving them a gorgeous frothy texture that’s to die for. Perfect for cappuccinos, mochas, and flavored hot chocolates. 

Bread Maker

Bread is something that just about everybody eats but can be quite tiresome to make by hand. But with a bread machine at hand, the cook in your life can make so many different variations of bread with minimal effort and toil.

Donut Maker

Once the cook in your life has their very own donut maker, they’ll no longer have to go all the way to town for their favorite treat.

Wrap Up

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and you’re sure to come across some more great ideas as you explore other websites. But, I’d like to think I’ve given you plenty of food for thought (pun intended!).