Stylish Ideas for Decorating Your Dorm Room

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Stylish Ideas for Decorating Your Dorm Room

For most young people, going to college represents the first stab at independence. There are so many choices to make at this time, and it is easy to make the wrong ones. One essential decision to make is where you will stay. The cheapest, most secure and overall best choice for campus living is a dorm room.

Dorm rooms conjure images of long drab hallways filled with beds and housing many people. This is nothing with which you want to associate your fun-filled social lifestyle on campus. Thankfully, dorm rooms are nowadays small private rooms hosting approximately two people. These rooms can be decorated in multiple ways to reflect your taste and transform them into homes away from your home.

The following are some stylish ideas to incorporate in your dorm room’s look to make it worthy of your new station in life.

Invest in multi-functional furniture

The average size of a dorm room is 12-19 feet. While this seems too small, you can make the most of it and end up with a spacious living space by investing in multi-functional furniture. Instead of buying a small table for entertaining, for instance, you can get a pouf that can work as a table, ottoman or seat. Moreover, the top of you dresser can serve as your vanity or reading space.

Loft your bed

Most dorm rooms have enough ceiling clearance for a loft bed. Take advantage of this space to raise your bed as high as possible so that you have enough space for something else under the bed. This area can be used for a stylish study table and chair or couch for your friends to relax in when they visit. Consider including some storage space up high so that you need not always climb down for small essentials like a glass of water.

Pick a color palette that opens your space

While your space might be minimal, this should not keep you from adding a splash of color in your dorm room. Pick a cheerful color palette to uplift your spirits at the end of a rough day in class and make your space look large and inviting. Shades of white, blue, green and yellow are among your best options for creating the best dorm room look.

Personalize the room

Dorm rooms generally follow a standard layout and setting. You, however, can try personalizing your room by arranging the furniture in different ways and including things that mean something to you on the walls. Posters from are among your best choices for dorm room walls and now come in several styles to suit all tastes. Removable wallpapers are also inexpensive and easy-to-use choices.

Keep your clutter contained

You might have come from a home where you did not have to clean up after yourself. Cleaning of dorm rooms in most places is nonetheless a responsibility of the students, so you should come prepared. To keep your room clean and ease cleaning, keep your clutter contained. This means investing in storage baskets, bins, trays and drawers where you can keep everything neatly folded away.

Soften harsh lighting

Most dorm rooms will have one overhead fluorescent fixture for their lighting. This is, unfortunately, has harsh light that you might be unable to use if your roommate is sleeping. Invest in soft lighting in the form of small overhead lights over your study table that you can use without disturbing your roommate. You can also change the harsh fluorescent light with a low wattage one to bathe your room in welcoming light.

Make the bed an oasis

The dorm room is your retreat from the demands associated with college life, and the bed is a crucial element of the retreat. Make it an oasis with luxurious bed sheets, a warm fuzzy comforter and a comfortable mattress. Add some throw pillows to brighten the bed and add a luxurious feel to it.

The above stylish decorating ideas for your dorm room are hinged on making it functional and comfortable. Even so, do not forget the primary reason why you are in college and concentrate all your efforts on decorating. With the average 40% college dropout rate in the U.S, this is essential. The dorm room should also be decorated to support your studies and guarantee your timely graduation.