4 Apps That Can Make a Teacher’s Life Easier

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Teaching is a fun and rewarding profession, but at times it can become quite hectic as well. In the past, teachers had to come up with creative ideas to teach children new things, but today with the so many technologies available, teaching has become more fun and convenient. There are so many apps out there that can help teachers with various things and make their lives easier especially if they are working with a typical classroom size and know what they’re working with. In this article, I have mentioned a few apps that every teacher should install on their devices. Let’s have a look:

Soda PDF

Let’s start with an app that can help a teacher immensely out of the classroom. With the help of Soda PDF, any teacher can manage their documents and study material better. Soda PDF allows you to create, merge, edit, and convert PDF files, which can come in quite handy for the teacher. It also comes with an OCR feature with the help of which a teacher can scan their students’ assignments and convert them into an editable word document. You can install Soda PDF on your laptop, or you can simply visit sodapdf.com to merge, convert, or edit any sort of PDF document.

Google Classroom

If the institution you are working in provides G-Suite access to all of its teachers, then you must already know about Google Classroom. But if that is not that case, you need to get Google classroom immediately because it can make teaching easier. The app allows you to manage all class material on Google Drive, which makes it easier for you to share it with the students. It also allows you to assign grades to students online, which can be very convenient. Apart from that, you can reach out to your students more easily to engage them in discussions or to notify them.


Another app that can come in handy for any teacher is EverNote. With the help of this app, a teacher can take all important notes without breaking a sweat. A teacher does not only have to deliver lectures in front of a class, but they also have to attend seminars and plan course material for the classes. Evernote allows you to take notes in image, text, and audio forms, which makes it one of the best note apps out there. The app is free to download and is available for both PC and smartphones.


If you have assigned group projects to your students, then Trello can help you track all the projects’ progress. Trello is a task management software that allows you to assign tasks to students and track them. You can divide the tasks into subcategories, and whenever a task is finished by a student, the progress of the project will change automatically. You can also add course material related to the project on Trello boards, which can be very helpful for the students. Trello is quite easy to manage, and your students will also learn of it in no time.