What is the best time to visit Egypt

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Are you planning to visit Egypt but can’t decide when the best time of year would be? Well, we are here to make things easier for you so that you can focus on getting your bags packed for the upcoming trip. The best season is during winter. In fact, you might want to plan your visit between mid-October and March when the climate is cooler, with occasional warm breezes sweeping through the Egyptian regions. Winter is the perfect weather for taking a small-group Egypt tour and exploring the ancient temples with your friends or family.


Visiting Egypt in Winter

Visiting Egypt in Winter means nice weather with occasional rain. Some popular resort spots, such as the city of Alexandria, might be a bit overcrowded. Winter is the highest tourist time in Egypt, which means that hotel prices will peak. Due to the occasional rains, you might find the places over-crowded and damp. If you plan to visit Egypt in January, you ought to attend Coptic Christmas celebrations on the 7th of January. The highlights of this event are a mass gathering at midnight and ‘fatta’, a traditional meal enjoyed by the masses.



Visiting Egypt in Summer

You will want to avoid visiting Egypt during the Summer holidays. The reason is that the temperature will be unbearably warm. Egypt’s already dry air will add to the hot climate and cause a significant drop in tourists’ number. That said, you may still find the summers to be a feasible season for visiting the amazing territory since there will be occasional cool breezes coming from the direction of the River Nile. Therefore, paying a visit to Egypt during summer might be a good choice if you plan to cruise through the rivers and have a good time enjoying water and fish. Click here to get the best egypt travel packages.


Visiting Egypt in Spring

If you are thinking about spending some time in Egypt in Spring, you will find a moderate temperature. However, you might encounter dust and sand storms that are typically known as khamsin. If you are keen on taking pictures, then the sand storms can become a problem for you. If you are worried about the costs, you will find the spring season cheaper than the winter. There are some amazing events to check out in Egypt during spring, such as the five-day carnival of ‘Abu El Haggag Moulid’, which takes place before Muslims’ fasting month. This event is celebrated in honor of Yusuf Abu Al Haggag, a great Sufi leader of the 13th century. 


Visiting Egypt in Fall

Similar to the spring season, the fall in Egypt offers a cooler climate and affordable tourism prices. You might encounter a thinner crowd than in the winter, but this is a great time to hit the beach and enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea. If you plan to visit Egypt in the fall, you should attend the ancient festival of ‘Wafaa Al Nil’, which is themed around the Nile River.