Get a head start on your wedding planning with these 10 initial steps to planning a wedding.

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Possibly the most important even you will ever organize in your life, a wedding can be quite nerve wracking to plan. Whether you have a 24-month wedding planning timeline or less, it wouldn’t really matter if you do not work on the steps that will get you there. If you can come up with the first steps to planning a wedding, with these initial steps, you can plan the rest of the wedding efficiently. All you need ever do is start. 

There are a number of tips and tricks that can help you along on your wedding planning journey. One for many brides is the bride to be box, which can contain a lot of surprises as well as useful tools for your planning. Besides that, food trucks have become a popular choice for catering events, especially weddings. If you’re planning a wedding in the Tampa Bay area, you can follow us for more Tampa Bay food trucks to make your wedding more interesting. Compared to traditional catering, food trucks can give a unique and personalized touch to the dining experience. Guests can interact with the chefs and watch their food being prepared, which will add an element of entertainment to your event. Stick with us as we show how to plan a wedding step by step, and inch by inch the easy way. 

10 First Steps to Plan A Wedding

  1. Bask in Your Engagement

In thinking about how to start planning a wedding you might forget to enjoy your engagement. Do not skip this step; enjoy it for a while. Don’t allow the stress of planning a wedding consume you immediately after the wedding. Take some time to enjoy being fiancé and fiancée. Make it as special as you feel it should be. 

  1. Inform Your Parents

Don’t begin the first steps in planning a wedding without first informing your parents. They should be informed before anybody else; and their insight could be helpful to your process. Traditionally the bride’s parents should be informed before the groom, but not many people adhere to this rule anymore. 

  1. Announce Your Engagement

Now you can announce the good news to everyone. In step by step wedding planning even this step is crucial and should be handled carefully. Who do you tell, who do you not tell? Do you want to make the announcement in print, mailing, social media or with a wedding website? It is all up to you. 

  1. Get a Journal and Planner

A journal and a planner would be very useful right about now. If you are at a loss on where to start when planning a wedding, including details like choosing the perfect mother of the bride wedding dress, you could write things down. Your thoughts, annoyances, rants, whatever you have on your mind. Surprisingly, this could help you get better organized. The memories would also be good to have otherwise. A checklist will also be a good, constant companion for this aspect of your life.

  1. Set the Budget

If you do not decide on the budget, then the wedding might as well just plan itself and will be sure to get out of hand. One of the first steps in how to plan wedding will always be the budget. It is your foundation, and an important deciding factor on most of what you will choose to do or not do for your wedding. Using a wedding budget worksheet is also a good idea that would be helpful in organizing wedding finances. 

  1. Pick a Date

It would be extremely difficult to move forward with any wedding planning without picking a date. So, this is without a doubt one of the crucial first steps in planning a wedding. It is a question that will be asked by most anyone after you announce that you are getting married, and an answer is required. 

  1. Choose Your Wedding Theme

One other important step when wondering how to plan your wedding, is the theme. Choosing a theme will make a lot of other choices, like décor, colors and even entertainment and food much easier. Will you be having a classic or vintage wedding? An outdoor summer or indoor fall wedding? A beach wedding or a garden wedding? A central theme will be extremely helpful in guiding your choices. 

  1. Choose Your Wedding Party

Your budget, venue, how many people you can accommodate and their availability will help you determine who you pick for your wedding party. Consider their list of responsibilities for the event, their proximity to you or the location and their schedule before deciding on who to pick. 

  1. Pick a Venue

In planning a wedding, it is important that you pick your venue well ahead of time and confirm its availability. You will be surprised how often locations are fully booked all year round. 

  1. Learn About the Marriage License

Confirm the details for getting your marriage license. You could either get the information from the official website online or go to the office of your county clerk to be sure. 

With these first few steps to planning a wedding out of the way, you will have a head start on getting everything else on your checklist done in time for your upcoming nuptials.