8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Planning Your Wedding

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Congratulations! You just got engaged! As one of the happiest and most romantic times in your life, you’re just getting hit with waves of love and happiness, right? Well, now comes the best hard, planning a wedding! Weddings are beautiful, they bring families together, the best memories are there, but of course, this is a very expensive affair as well. When it comes to wedding planning, here are some very important questions you’ll want to ask yourself and your partner before you begin the process.

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1. What kind of wedding do you want?

Easy enough, right? You can go for something traditional, religious, something more civil, or essentially something completely untraditional and wacky. The choice is entirely up to the couple on whatever they’d like to do.

2. Where will the wedding be held?

Is there a venue you had in mind? Are you wanting to do an elopement? How about a destination wedding? The options are fairly limitless when it comes to this. Now more than ever, it’s easy to have weddings in some of the more unconventional places too.

3. How many guests are you expecting?

When it comes to the amount of guests for your wedding, the pricing is going to drastically vary. You’ll also want to consider if some people are even worth inviting to the wedding at all.

4. What is your budget?

What do you and your parent had in mind for spending? Is anyone else, such as parents going to be chipping in for this too? Your budget is going to matter big time. You’ll have to calculate everything from the wedding ties to the dinner napkins. Try and set a goal of how much or how little you’re wanting this wedding to be.

5. What do you want your day to look like?

So, this is the day of the wedding. Do you see it being easy and relaxed or will you and your partner be jumping from one thing to the next.

6. What type of ceremony and reception will you have?

Since there are loads of different type of ceremonies and parties, think about what you’re wanting. What about the dinner? Any wines you’re wishing to serve at your wedding? It’s a lot to wonder, but all of this is important!

7. What is your timeline for planning the wedding?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be if you take your time and do it right! Make sure to give yourself some time to plan this. Ideally, it should be around nine months to one year of planning if you can.

8. What are the most important aspects of the wedding day and what are you trying to achieve with it?

While it’s true the wedding itself is all about the happy couple coming together, but are you wanting more from it? Is there anything else that day you’d like to achieve? What about the aspects? Are you wanting it all to be completely structured and grand or simplistic?