Best Jobs for Working Parents

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While making enough is important as a parent, you may find you need other perks in order to successfully balance the demands of work and family. You might be looking for the chance to work from home or at least have some control over your hours. There are several jobs that might fit the balance you are looking for, and many are in high demand.

Preparing for a Career Change

If you are thinking about getting a different job, you may want to take some steps to prepare for your career change. Spend adequate time researching each career you are thinking about. You may also want to attend some networking events to build your professional connects. You might want to get a degree in a relevant field, such as communications or healthcare. You can take out a student loan to pay for your education. You can utilize Earnest private student loans that can give you the flexibility of borrowing what you need. If you are a physician, you can consider temporary physician jobs as it allows you more time. For locum tenens physician jobs, contact a locum tenens company.

Call Center Representative

As a call center representative, you will work with a company’s customers to answer questions or sell products. You will usually spend a lot of time on the phone in this position, but some representatives use an online messaging system or email. Many times, representatives are able to choose which shifts they take, and you may be able to perform the work from home. If you love helping other people and enjoy speaking with others, this job may be a good fit for you. You will typically need a high school diploma, but in many cases, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree is also required. You may experience training while on the job, and you will need to interact with others while on the phone. 


This role will require you to advise other people on the things to eat and serve to meet certain dietary requirements. This role is even more important as the rate of obesity and food allergies continues to rise. You might work for an organization, such as a school or healthcare facility. You can also open you own practice, as this gives you the ultimate flexibility in your scheduling. You will likely need a few years of training for this position, such as a bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition. Then you will likely need to become licensed in your state and get an internship to gain experience.

Physician Assistant

Working as a doctor’s assistant will require you to diagnose and treat sicknesses and help doctors with surgery and physical exams. This is a great career if you are interested in working in medicine but do not have enough time to go to medical school. You may spend several long days working at the hospital and then have several days off each week. This can help you have full days with your kids. You’ll likely need to get your master’s program, and you might need experience in the healthcare industry. It is also possible you will need to become certified in your state.