Make-up Removal Waste: Three Steps on How to Avoid It

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Living a zero-waste lifestyle helps you to be guilt-free and environmentally friendly. Don’t let your make-up routine get in your way to practice a more sustainable life. Follow these three steps on avoiding your make-up removal waste. Act now and save our environment; end your single-use habits with LastObject.


1.  Use A Reusable Tissue


When removing make-up, we have always been used to reaching out for disposable tissue to do the job. But do you want to add waste to your trash can? Do you want it to end up in a landfill or the ocean?

Another alarming fact is that using disposable tissue also means wiping out 27,000 trees a day according to National Geographic. 

Why use disposable tissues that’ll just be thrown in wastebaskets when you can use a reusable tissue? The LastTissue from LastObject is made from 100% organic cotton that can be used 520 times! Yes, you read that right! Also, it comes in a silicone case you can bring anywhere and can be cleaned and disinfected easily.


The LastTissue is like a tissue pack and handkerchief combined so that you can use it in many ways. You can use it for make-up removal and can easily wash it for your next use. It’s easy to clean, durable and you will be guilt-free knowing you have done what’s best for the environment.


Just imagine the number of disposable tissues you can spare being thrown in the garbage. Also, think about the significant savings you’re going to get when you use a reusable type. You can also use this for wet wipes replacement; simply put water in it. Wet wipes won’t do you any good anyway when it comes to your skincare routine.


2.  Use Reusable Cotton Pads


Cotton pads are one of the most common materials used when it comes to make-up and cosmetic application. You use at least four cotton pads for make-up removal. Probably another four cotton pads for the application of toners, moisturizers, and astringent. So let’s say you can use 8-10 cotton pads a day.


Now imagine how many women are there in the world who apply make-up every day. Multiply it by 8-10 cotton rounds disposed of in the trash can every day. Take note that it takes up to 5 months for cotton rounds to decompose. Do you want to contribute to that waste?


Good thing LastObject has reusable cotton rounds called LastRound. A pack of reusable cotton rounds has seven pieces of cotton encased in a bio-based container. It can be washed easily and reused up to 1,750 times. Imagine how many cotton rounds can be spared in the trash can when you use the LastRound.


Make-up removal is a messy job. Removing the mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, and blush-on using reusable cotton will not be a challenge, and you’ll be confident to know that it can be easily washed. The same concept applies when applying a facial toner, moisturizer, or facial mist.


You can toss it on the laundry bag or hand-wash it on the sink immediately after use. It can be easily dried and is guaranteed safe on your next use. Just think of how many cotton pads will be spared from going into sewers and will take five months before it decomposes.


3.  Do Not use Disposable Q-Tips


Another make-up essential we use every day is a Q-tip. It is used to apply translucent powder to lock-up lipstick and remove make-up. Q-tips are especially used in hard-to-reach corners of the eye and help thicken lashes by applying a powder. A q-tip is also a great alternative when applying eye shadow when you don’t have a make-up brush.


Q-tips or cotton swabs are household staples used every day. These single-use products are thrown away and often end up in the ocean that can damage marine life. Stop contributing to this trash and stop using disposable q-tips.


Luckily, there are innovations to a zero-waste lifestyle. Thanks to LastSwab from LastObject, you can now stop using disposable q-tips that can contribute to the environment’s trash. A LastSwab can replace up to 1,000 disposable cotton swabs. It is reusable, sanitary and it can be easily cleaned with soap and water.


Aside from make-up removal, you can use it for different purposes as well. Of course, you can use it to apply make-up, clean your ears, remove whiteheads on the side of your nose, or clean your belly button. The LastSwab is made from durable and non-toxic materials that are gentle to the skin. It comes in a corn-based case, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.


The Take-Away


When you opt to choose the reusable cotton pads, tissue, and swab, you create a domino effect in saving our environment. First of all, you won’t be supporting the production of these single-use cotton products anymore.


Did you know that it takes 10,000 liters of water to produce a mere 1 kilogram of cotton? Also, combine the pesticides, carbon footprint of factories, and the trash it leaves to the environment. Imagine if everybody uses reusable cotton products. Imagine how much waste will be saved. Your simple act will make a great domino effect.