The Ultimate Guide to Orthodontic Treatment

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Many people long for that winning smile as they get older and want to develop their confidence. With this, a great option is to invest in some orthodontic treatment to achieve what you want. Individuals tend to get orthodontic treatment when they are young, and therefore don’t think about it as much as an adult necessarily would. However, when making the investment, it’s important that you consider the options available to you. It is also very important that you create a high-quality oral hygiene routine to maintain your treatment. 

Lucky for you, you’ve found yourself at an all-encompassing guide to oral treatment. Stick around to find out the benefits of orthodontic treatment, the options available to you and some tips to help you build the ideal hygiene routine!

The benefits

To start us off, there are many benefits of orthodontic treatment. However, this is no secret which makes it obvious why many people opt for treatment at an older age. Although treatments can sometimes be slightly painful and uncomfortable, the benefits certainly outweigh the costs. Perhaps the main benefit of treatment is that you are left with a perfect set of teeth at the end of your treatment plan. This is the point in getting the treatment in the first place, so you can expect to achieve a winning smile at the end of your plan. 

As well as this, orthodontic treatment has also been proven to help with various oral health issues. For example, investing in braces or retainers can actually improve the health and conditions of your teeth and gums. This is because having a treatment plan in place usually means that you have to take a lot better care of your teeth and gums in the process; we will discuss this in more detail later on! The fact that you’re looking after your teeth and gums more means that, as a result, you are reducing the risk of developing gum disease and cavities. 

Cavities are a nightmare – they let us know that we are not taking care of our teeth the right way and eating too much sugar. However, maintaining your oral health with a great hygiene routine will result in fewer cavities and stronger gums. What more could you want? 

Overall, it appears that orthodontic treatment has many different benefits. As well as getting the end result that we want (straight teeth), we are also improving our overall oral health and reducing the risk of oral health-related issues. 

What to choose

One of the more difficult things about orthodontic treatment is that there are so many options to choose from. Although this can make the prospect of receiving treatment a little bit daunting, it also makes the experience a whole lot better for you. This is because you can choose treatment to suit your personal and financial circumstances. Moreover, the length of time you have your treatment also largely depends on which type of treatment you choose. Let’s get into it and discuss some of the options that might be available to you. 

Firstly, and one of the more popular treatment types, is that of metallic braces. With this, your treatment provider will attach metal brackets onto each tooth and then enclose a wire across each bracket; the wire is then secured with some rubber bands (you can usually choose the colour that you’d like). With that being said, metal braces are excellent as they are normally the cheaper option and can work quite quickly. These are predominantly useful for people who might not have the trust in themselves to follow up with semi-permanent treatment. A metallic brace treatment plan can usually last anywhere between twelve months and five years – and the average length sits at around two years. 

Another treatment option is that of clear aligners, which have grown to be more popular over the past decade or so. Individuals tend to opt for clear aligners if they’d rather limit the amount of time they have their treatment on their teeth or in their mouths. One fabulous option for you to consider is that of night only clear aligners by ALIGNERCO. Here, the idea is that you wear your aligner while you sleep – so for around eight to ten hours – and the treatment works its magic from there. The treatment duration normally lasts for around six to eight months and as you can probably tell, this works a lot quicker than metallic braces. To find out some more about night only aligners, visit this website. 

One of the main things you need to consider with removable and easy aligners is that you must ensure you’re keeping up with the treatment plan. So, you should be placing the retainer in your mouth every evening before bed and taking it out the next morning. Making sure you keep up with the treatment plan is one of the most important ways you can reap the benefits out of the treatment and expect the treatment to last the recommended amount of time. 

These are just a couple of the examples that are offered by dental experts and dental providers. We recommend doing as much research as possible before you make your final decision and also considering your own needs. 

The ideal routine 

If you are investing all your hard-earned cash in some dental treatment, then you’ll want to maintain it, right? If so, you should prepare yourself for your treatment and create the ideal oral hygiene routine. There are so many different ways you can keep up with your oral hygiene and your routine will look different depending on what type of treatment you decide to invest in. For instance, if you’ve chosen some night only aligners, then you won’t be restricted when it comes to cleaning your teeth, but you’ll have to invest in some extra cleaning tools to keep your aligner clean. 

The first things you should consider when developing your oral hygiene routine is that of your toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental specialists are constantly recommending that orthodontic patients purchase an electric toothbrush as they are great for giving the teeth and gums and expert clean. It’s also important that you clean your teeth with toothpaste that has high fluoride content. This will ensure that your reaching the toughest crevices in your mouth and using a better toothpaste that will help rid your mouth of bacteria. 

Some other tools you can purchase to keep your mouth clean are interdental sticks to clean in between your teeth and your brace, a water flosser and mouthwash. A top tip we have is that you should floss before you brush your teeth instead of afterwards, contrary to popular belief! 

Final thoughts

Overall, this article has compiled loads of research into one complete guide to orthodontic treatment. We discussed some of the benefits of treatment, some options and the ideal routine to ensure you stay healthy and make the most out of your treatment. From here, it is up to you to decide what might be the better option for you. Some things to consider are: the current state of your oral hygiene, your finances and the amount of time you’d prefer the treatment to last. Either way, orthodontic treatment is a fabulous investment!