3 Realistic Ways to Make More Money in 2021

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With the world still being an uncertain place, economists are predicting a very uncertain few years in terms of income stability. People are worried that they’ll lose their jobs and be forced into finding alternative sources of income. And that’s totally understandable considering the year we’ve just had. If you’re feeling the pinch and you’d like to find out ways to make more money in 2021, we’ve got you covered. 

Selling Old Insurance Policies

Something that most people don’t know is that some insurance policies that come with certain products can actually be sold for profit. A great example of this is that, in order to qualify for a mortgage in some places and with some providers, you need to have a life insurance policy in order for the guarantor to sign-off on your mortgage. As a result of the fact that most people don’t have life insurance, a mortgage broker will happily pass you over to a colleague to get life insurance. More often than not these policies are not fit for purpose and you can do some research online to find a policy that would better suit your needs. Take some time to check out guides to selling online and look at the finer details of your policy to see if you can cancel in exchange for a specified amount that will benefit you.

Set Up a Blog

Blogging was a hot topic around ten years ago with everyone starting their own blog. If you wrote for one then you were told to create content based around your likes and it was pretty easy to carve a niche doing it. Of course, the reason that you were asked to volunteer for these publications was because all of the webpages were monetized with affiliates, adverts and clickthrough links earning the people who ran the website the money leaving the people who wrote the actual content with exposure. Ten years on and the theme still exists but you can now run the blog yourself with very little input from others needed. There are courses available for free online on how to run a blog on WordPress so put the research in and you will reap the rewards. 

Print On Demand

If you are more of a designer rather than a writer, it can feel very difficult to try and come up with ways of being able to sell your artistry. One way is to go the commission route but it feels like every creative you know is on Etsy or Instagram Store trying to sell commissions at the moment. The other main route is to bring the whole process in-house and learn how to screen print, which does mean you get to keep all the money but you also have to learn and handle the overheads as well as sourcing inventory. Teespring, RedBubble and Teepublic and others are all platforms where you can sell your designs, and they handle the printing while you just get the money from the sale. Yes, there is a bigger cut that they take as a result but they have a big audience and, if you are able to get enough orders via them to justify the cost that they are taking, it may be worth it in the short-term at least.