How to Perfectly Apply Fake Lashes at Home?

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DIY lashes are easy to apply and give a splendid look, making any eyes look extremely classy. Several popular brands are producing fake lash extensions. DIY extensions are budget-friendly, save ample time, and easily apply and remove while guaranteeing the desired thick lash look for a short time. 

Clean and prep the eye area 

Clean your face properly to remove all traces of makeup, sweat, tears, and dirt. Lilac St DIY at home lash extensions are easy to use and can get applied in no time without much hassle. The other top brands in the market are Sweed Lashes, Vavalash, Eneda, and Lankiz. Choose a reputable brand that creates versatile products for various styles and get the kit with accessories necessary for the process.

Do not use oil-based cleaners while getting ready to stick the extensions. Mix and match different lashes, thicknesses, and lengths. Cut them or trim them as necessary to check which look suits you the best.

It is better to apply them before eye makeup to adjust easily and prevent smudging. But several makeup gurus also advise using DIY extensions as the last step in makeup. Products like eyeshadow can fall on them and be visible on lengthy lashes. 

Apply the glue 

Take the glue using a cotton earbud or a Q-tip and apply it on the back of the lash extensions. Avoid squeezing the adhesive directly onto the lash because the strip is very thin. Take a drop in the Q-tip and spread it evenly across the band of the extension lashes. 

It is also advisable to use a white eye pad under the eyes to see the perfect position of the lashes. Apply thick color glues if you plan to use eyeliner, or go with clear glue to fit a classic office-going look. If the lash band is thick, apply more glue to make them stick properly. Thin bands often give the invisible, natural finish look though they are hard to stick. 

Stick to the lashes 

Wave the glue applied lashes once to let the extra adhesive dry. Apply it on top of the lashes or under them as per the instruction. It is better to use tweezers to apply them properly and use a magnifying mirror in a well-lit room.

It is better to sterilize the tweezer by dipping it in hot water before using it on the eyes. The glue doesn’t go well with oil, and if you have oily skin and too much sebum secretion around the eyes, dab frequently to prevent the band from lifting at odd times. 




Blend it well 

Blend the lash extension well with the natural lashes using the tweezer and use an eyebrow comb or spoolie brush to untangle them. Adjust them with the tweezer and apply top coat eyeliner and extra mascara if necessary. 

Most DIY lash extensions eliminate the need to apply mascara until they last in the eyes, and a light coat of eyeliner is enough as your lashes already look thick and natural. Use the curler at last after applying the lashes to make them blend appropriately with the natural eyelashes.

If you are using a different colored lash, use thick strips to hide the natural color of your eyelashes and remove them after an occasion like a party. Having multicolor eyelashes won’t look good if you wait for them to fall off naturally after four-five days. 

Maintenance tips 

Salon-done lashes should not get exposed to water for at least 24 hours. But, DIY lashes are waterproof, and you can shower and sleep in them without being too conscious. It is better not to use mascara-applied lashes more than twice to prevent germ build up. 

Do not pluck on them, rub your eyes or be harsh while removing them. Don’t splash the water hard on your face when you have fake lashes, and wash the eye area gently with a cotton ball dipped in makeup remover.

You can layer DIY lash extensions on top of one another to get the desired effect effortlessly. You can also use individual strips at the end of the eyes and in the middle to create a more classic look. Remove these strands one by one carefully without missing them when it is time.