The Best Dining Room Sets on a Budget

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When it’s time for a new dining room set, price is almost always a primary factor in choosing furniture for the dining room. Dining room sets can cost a few thousand dollars, making them a hefty investment. There are certain furniture collections that tend to be cheaper than others, mostly due to the materials used to manufacture them. 

Here are some things to consider when buying dining room sets on a budget.

Dining room collections less than $1,000

It can be very difficult to find a good dining room set for less than $1,000 without finding a really good furniture sale. But they are available, especially online. Colman offers several dining room tables with matching chairs that are frequently as little as $600. Sona also offers some inexpensive dining room sets, running in the $800 to $900 range for a 6 piece dining room set with table and chairs.

Dining room sets in this price range are typically made of engineered wood and other faux materials. Faux marble in particular makes for a beautiful dining table at a fraction of the cost. While these cheaper dining sets look beautiful, they may not last as long as those of solid wood. On the other hand, these dining room sets can also be much more lightweight and easy to maneuver when needed.

Features that decrease price of dining room sets

In addition to engineered wood and faux marble, there are many other dining room sets that can also make the furniture a bit cheaper. Tables with a glass top are often cheaper than tables manufactured of solid wood, engineered or otherwise. You can also save money by looking for dining chairs that are wood with little or no padding and upholstery. Not only are these chairs cheaper, they are easier to clean and maintain, especially if you have small children.

Another feature that you can look for is metal tables. Tables manufactured from stainless steel or other hard metals are often cheaper. Looking for a dining room set that is a combination of metal and glass are among the cheapest.

Searching through dining room sets on clearance

All  furniture stores offer clearance sales at least twice per year, but online furniture stores have clearance items available all year round. This is the best way to find high quality dining room sets at lower than luxury prices. You can often find new dining sets for under $500 when you shop online. You won’t find those deals at your local furniture store, but online stores are able to offer significantly lower prices.

You can also save some additional money when buying online because you are likely to earn free delivery. Local stores still charge exorbitant delivery fees, even if you live within just a few miles from the store. On the other hand, online furniture stores offer free delivery with a large purchase. Even dining room sets on the cheap side are usually a high enough order amount to earn free delivery from these furniture stores.