Do I Need To Rotate My Mattress?

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As a quick answer, Yes you have to rotate your m. Everyone in the mattress industry always advises people to rotate their mattresses regularly. Doing such will help prolong the lifespan of your mattress as well as improve the comfortability it offers. 


Here is more information on why and how you should rotate your mattress.


Rotate to protect


Aside from the benefits mentioned above, rotating your mattress will help prevent the mattress from being damaged prematurely. Sleeping in the same position on your bed all the time can cause wear and tears on the mattress itself, which can be prevented by rotating it. 


Another thing is the unequal pressure on the mattress — if you keep staying on the same side of the mattress, only a particular part of it will receive pressure. This results in potential sagging over time because the same part of the mattress struggles under pressure all the time. If you don’t know how, this article helped me rotate it properly.


Rotate it consistently


It has been mentioned that rotating mattresses should be done regularly. This means that it does not matter how often you want to rotate your bed as long as you do it consistently. Rotating it regularly helps switch the areas that receive pressure every time you lie on the mattress. When you rotate the mattress regularly, you can minimize the sagging on specific areas like the parts where your hips and shoulders lie. Your mattress will not look too worn out or feel uneven anymore.


Number of rotations


Yes, it can be up to you how often you want to rotate the mattress, but experts have some recommendations. You can check the mattress’s manual on properly rotating it, but it might not say how often. If you have a newer innerspring mattress, you should rotate it at least once or twice a year. The exact number of rotations also applies to mattresses with older innerspring as well as those made from memory foam and latex.


An exception


While most mattresses require regular rotation to keep their quality, some do not need it. Mattresses that have a zoned comfort system usually do not need rotating at all. This is due to the design itself, which caters to particular parts that need extra support. Mattresses equipped with the zone comfort system can readily handle areas that will receive the most pressure. Rotating this type of mattress will increase your irritability instead of comfortability. 


: It is worth mentioning that whether you have to rotate or flip your mattress can depend on its specific design. For most mattresses, though, regular rotation is needed to prevent premature sagging and other issues. If the mattress is heavy and firmly attached to the bed it’s advisable to consider buying an adjustable bed in order to easily move and give support while rotating the mattress.