SAVE MONEY: 6 Ways To Extend The Life Span of Your Most Commonly Used Products

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Wanting to Save Some Money – with not much effort – I have some awesome tips for you ♥ Let me know what you think 🙂

Did you know a lot of times the little expiration tag is BS – if it medication perhaps not  – but I have ways to extend the life of items that have a supposed “shelf life”

1) Razors

Told To Last: 6 weeks

Can really last for: 4 months


After each use dip the razor blade in rubbing alcohol. PLUS keep shower water away from the blade – it will cause rust.


2) Running shoes

Told To Last: 6 months

Can really last for: 2 Years

It is pretty easy to extend the life of shoes – keep them at room temperature – leaving them outside will increase the breaking down of those poor soles 🙁


3) Mascara

Told To Last: 3 months

Can really last for: 5 Months


I LOVE Mascara and I try and get all I can get out of it and here is how I do it – most of the time you throw away mascara is because it gets cakey -Experts recommend dipping the tube in boiling water for about 15 seconds. It will make the makeup gooey again and may even kill some of the bacteria.


4) Mattresses

Told To Last: 8 years

Can really last for: 12 years

I have had my mattress for over 15 years – so if anyone wants Budget Savvy Diva review a mattress I am more then happy too 🙂

There are three tricks to getting it to last: Rotate it 180 degrees every six months. This helps keep the mattress from wearing out in the same spot and crapping out after a few years. Also buy a mattress topper – this will help a lot . Lastly – keep the mattress and box spring on a bed frame.


5) Perfume

Told To Last: 2 years

Can really last for: 5 years


The direct light makes perfume lose its scent – I always keep them in their box and place it in the medicine cabinet 🙂


6) Nail Polish

Told To Last: 8 Months

Can really last for: 2 years

Put those bottles in the fridge – heat  will lessen the life of your nail polish by placing them in the fridge is will length their life! Just do not put them in the freezer  – lol.


Thanks! Yahoo News